LOTRO Players News Episode 175: Elven Finesse


This week we talked about the lag and PvMP changes on the LOTRO test server.

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LOTRO Video Highlights: Swanships of Alqualondë

The Family Line Part 107 – Skills That Were Lost

Critters Journey [46] Down, down in gollum town


New Player Question

What good is finesse?





  • Streamed with Bludborn
  • Did a super annoying instance
  • Reached 1 Million Views on YouTube!



  • Streamed with Mrs Karv.  Was accused of cheating because I was using an XP booster to catch up to her level.
  • Enjoyed being able to on-level solo rare elite masters in Mirkwood without running for my life on my LM.  Crowd Control for the win!



  • Joined Eldalleth on stream on Halloween for some time in the Moors. It did not go well.
  • RK Lashillien and Sanswinda reached level 100!!
  • Arkenstone!Teriadwyn is almost done with the Eastern Rohan bit of the Volume 3 epic story.



  • Finally got around to finishing the latest epic book
  • Got Host of the West kindred and finished everything in North Ithilien except Cair Andros…glass cannon can’t get past the twin black arrows and Harardrim archer
  • Got my farming-and-cooking-and-festival-only burg up to 56



  • During the academy field trip, we headed into Sarnúr.
  • On Crickhollow, I continued questing in North Ithilien.
  • On Gladden, my Beorning continued with the side quests at the pavilion.



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One comment

  1. Finesse is the short code-word for moria revamp where they will make it possible to scale all the moria instances. It will be part of the 10th edition and we’ll have them as the featured instance where you can get a cosmetic pet Watcher.

    Hence the code-word. FI Nesse (you know loch nesse).

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