LOTRO Store Sales 11/4/16 – 11/10/16


Free Sample Of The Week November 4th – 10th
Skill and Slayer Deed Boost x1 Use Coupon Code SLAYTOSKILL 1/Account





Stat Tomes

Drac Says – These are the only things out of this weeks sale that DO NOT Drop from Hobbit presents. But I’m still on the fence about them.


Regeneration Food

Run Speed Boosts

+5% Attack Damage

Drac Says – For the love of GOD, NO.. Just NO.. Don’t buy ANY OF THESE… Hobbit Presents are your friend. 


  1. Actually, stat tomes do drop from hobbit presents. Just yesterday I got an agility bundle from the golden present. Contained agi 1+2+3+4+5 🙂

  2. Yes they drop (also single tomes up to tier 9 afaik), but not new version store tomes (allow you to open and choose which tome you want). Your drop is rarest possible gold present, so grats, but you can’t get high tier tomes that way. Especially XV-XVI tomes drop only from Throne raid afaik and XVII-XVIII are only from store.
    So for those who want to max your character for whatever reason it’s good opportunity to do that, also they are tradeable with MC now.

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