Poems of the Pine: The Third Marshal


Pinesong on Stage

Our chase finally comes to a conclusion.

Book 9 – The Third Marshal

The Third Marshal
Thoroughly slew
The orcs who held
Our hobbit friends.
He saw no sign
To salve our fears
So we visited the site
Where he vanquished the orcs.
Our friends did flee
Into Fangorn deep
Where the hobbits were housed
By huorns and ents.
With them out of reach
To Éomer we returned.
To accompany him south
To Snowbourn town.
The people of Snowbourn
Despite the dangers
Refused to flee
From the foes outside.
So Éomer marched
To Meduseld Gold
To ask the aid
Of the aging king.
Yet the Worm controlled
The words of the king
Who placed Éomer in prison.
We were sent away
From Western Rohan
Till the king came to his senses.

What shall we do while we are exiled?

Pineleaf Needles

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