Tolkien Tribute: Lost Stanzas to: Bilbo’s Song of Farewell



The following are additional verses to the ‘Song of Farewell’ sung by the Bilbo Bagins in Rivendell: using the same rhyme and metre recorded in the LOTR.

I sit beside the fire and think:
Of dragons, dwarves and elves
Of kingdoms of the days of yore
How they governed themselves.
How courage waxed in those born weak
How others that were strong
Failed well before the final test
And trial came along.

I sit beside the fire and think:
What bides in Middle Earth.
How Darkness battles with the gods
How wars are breaking forth:
How Valar and the Valier
Made living things to be
And how they rule from Valinor
Yet far across the sea.

I sit beside the fire and think:
How mortal lives must end.
How journeys all must cease at last
Soever how we wend.
How elven ships with ivory sails
Are leaving from this shore.
How I – perhaps – must also sail
Someday for Valinor.


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