Poems of the Pine: Into the Riddermark


Pinesong on Stage

We head west to look for the remains of the fellowship.

Book 8 – Into the Riddermark

Lawless brigands
Burnt Langhold down
Forcing its citizens
To find a new home.
For helping the homeless
A horse we received
So we started our chase
On a steed of war.
We went to the west
Where wasters roamed
And camped outside
Of Cliving’s walls.
Yet further our friends
Had flown to the west
So we headed to the home
That Horn hoped to avoid.
The time was tense
As we talked with Horn’s sire
Who little liked
The last of his sons.
Nona disliked
The nasty mood
The came to the table
At the turbulent meal.
Nona did flee
But we felt she’d return
For her sword was set aside.
Until that time
We must tend to our quest
To find the fractured fellowship.

Will we find any sign of the fellowship?

Pineleaf Needles

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  1. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Always a nice poem friend ;D

    Remember Langhold the first epic meadhall (one of my favourite with the little room at top and could get outside), pity cant get in there anymore 🙁

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