Update 19 Delayed


Cordovan posted the following announcement today on the forums:

“The unfortunate part about being more open about when things might happen is I then need to post things like this when something comes up…

It looks like we will not be able to get U19 out on Monday, as we found an issue with the Henneth Annun landscape that we want to correct prior to going live with the update. We’re still looking at next week for U19, though. Stay tuned for a more specific time frame.” – source

For those interested in a deeper look at Update 19, Turbine also posted their landing page for March of the King.



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  1. The new CM Cordovan does a good job informing us, therefore it’s not so unfortunate.

  2. Arduinn /

    I think most players would prefer to wait a few days for a more polished launch than rush a buggy update out. Also, the improved communication from Cordovan is greatly appreciated.

  3. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    indeed he is being doing a great job!
    And I prefer wait a bit more if that means get a update more ”sharpish” 🙂

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