Update 19 Release Date Revealed


Update 10/14/16: U19 has been delayed and will not launch on Monday as this article states. See this link for more information.


In today’s LOTRO stream Update 19 Preview, Cordovan stated that the planned release date for update 19, March of the King, is Monday, October 17th.

Cordovan: First off, Update 19: March of the King… our current release date plan is Monday, we’re targetting Monday… stay tuned for the downtime announcement, something could come up, but overall that is the plan.

He also confirmed that the new quest pack for North Ithilien will cost 795TP.

Also, Severlin offered some new information about Mordor during the stream:

Severlin: For Mordor, we are definitely excited about visiting Mordor in an expansion, and we’re hoping to really start talking about that with our anniversary to build up excitement, and we’re hoping the players are as excited as we are to do that. Right now, we’re working towards the battle of the Black Gate, but first to do that we have to make sure the armies get through Northern Ithilien without falling to despair. There’s a lot you can do to help that process in the game. The anniversary is in April, Mordor will be sometime after.

You can view the entire livestream, which contains Q&A, more information about the new update, and more, on Twitch at the following link: https://www.twitch.tv/lotrostream/v/94695830




Update 10/14/16: The Release Notes for U19 are now available online. Read them in their entirely here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7659741#post7659741

A few highlights:

After the Battle, A New Day Dawns

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields is won… but the war is far from over. Gather your strength and mourn the dead, but tarry not long for soon the Host of the West will begin its march towards Mordor. Explore after-the-battle versions of the Pelennor, Osgiliath, and the Crossroads before venturing into the dangerous and overgrown wilderness of North Ithilien. Over 90 region quests and deeds included.

Epic Volume IV, Book 7 “The Trap”

There is little time to mourn friends lost during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, for the armies of Mordor will soon return to finish what they began. Aragorn needs your help to make a crucial decision, one that could have grand repercussions for the fate of Middle-earth: should the Free People prepare to defend their lands from the attack that must surely come, or should Aragorn risk all in setting a trap for Sauron that the Dark Lord will not be able to resist…?

Cape of Belfalas Housing

Need to get away from all the war and darkness of recent events in Middle Earth? Visit the scenic Cape of Belfalas for a breath of fresh sea air – and the most stately, well-appointed housing for sale to adventurers of all stripes. Look for a broker in Bree, Dol Amroth, and Minas Tirith today!

  • New Premium individual and Kin housing is available for Mithril
  • Hook point counts inside and out are more than doubled
  • Own as many individual Premium houses as you want & keep your classic house
  • Premium upkeep is waived for VIPs. Upkeep is possible with gold or Mithril.

Check out a set of Cape of Belfalas quests to tour around the area and get into the seaside state of mind.

Flora Barter System

The herbs, roots, and flowers of North Ithilien, the garden of Gondor, were prized by its herbalists of old, and today’s herbalists are recovering their uses once again. Players will be able to gather plant-life from North Ithilien in Gondor and barter them for an evolving list of rewards by speaking with the Host of the West Herb-master and Herbalist. Gathering flora yields one of five color items that can be exchanged for various rewards, including boots, leggings, armor, gloves, helms, mantles, and more. Some colors are more common, while others are rare.


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