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This Saturday Cordovan will be guesting on LOTRO Players News to answer questions about Update 19 and beyond.

You can ask your questions for Turbine by listing them in the comments below, emailing us at or by being in the live chat.

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  1. Should we be hyped for the ten year anniversary?

  2. timhedden /

    Are there plans to see Harad? Are there plans to revamp older zones? Will we maybe see a cinematic of the destruction of the ring or maybe session play? Too many questions?

  3. First obvious question is – What is the projected release date?

  4. Since Mordor is the Home of the Creeps and there really is little Lore involved — will the Mordor Expansion be/contain a big new PvMP area? Implying that the Creeps can finally run amuck in the “main world” map.

    Obviously, Dagoland and Ruhn can easily be areas for “normal” players. But then again, since there is no Lore in those areas, it would make sense also that PvMP could be expanded so that in the lands east of Mordor that Saruon controlled would allow new Creep classes – like the various Southron clans.

  5. Tirian /

    1. What is the timeframe for future updates/expansions? (Quarterly, half yearly?)
    2. Will there be continued additions to the premium housing system? The way it currently is (no travel to instances from housing areas!), it makes it a rather poor place to spend your downtime in LOTRO, due to its inconvenience (having to map out before you enter an instance).
    3. Will there be portals put on the landscape to connect the Mordor (region 4, started in March of the King) map with the Gondor map? (E.g. Portal from north to south Ithilien, and vice versa, as seen at the Fords of Isen in the past to ensure continuity).
    4. Any chance that we’ll go north (the Gladden Fields and the Carrock properly fleshed out, Northern Mirkwood and Thranduil’s Halls, Dale, Esgaroth and the Lonely Mountain), when we’re finished in the south?
    5. The summer festival rewards were WAY too expensive – any chance of toning this down for next year? (Or returning the barter rate for Inn League/AA badges for festival tokens to its previous state).
    6. Any plans to rebalance PvP?
    7. Which is the next class looking at a revamp?
    8. Will there be another update before the Mordor expansion?
    9. Which region, that isn’t already in the game, would you personally like to see added to LOTRO?

  6. We got dead marshes, but what about Emyn Muil? I think its important place.

  7. Jimmy Sam /

    Will older raids like Tower of Orthanic be revamped?
    Will the new areas like Minas Tirith be optimized?

  8. Why raid set bonuses are so weak and useless for the most classes?

  9. “I apologize in advance for the translation in Google.” Good day! A long time ago we went from Lorien, one elf Korudan. And they parted in Helm’s Deep. Do we learn what happened to him? I’ll meet you there? Thank you in advance for any response.

  10. 1) It’s a common opinion that the hunter is still not competitive to the major dps classes like the RK, the champ or the wardens. In which update are you guys planning for further adjustments to the class? Is there anything you can say about what’s upcoming for the hunters that is not coming for U19?
    2) Can you talk in more detail about the North Ithilien event coming in December? Is it just an increase of the drop rate of the phials or we’re going to see new barter options during that time to spend our phials on?
    3) This is something that a really large quantity of players have been asking: any chance that we might be able to buy recipes for the new dyes on the festivals for higher prices?
    4) What is the timeline for U20?
    5) Any plans for revamping classic housing in the future?
    6) Dadi made this question on his interview and we’d like to know if we’re going to see it any time soon: greatly increased drop rate of Long-lost coins in T2C featured instances.
    7) Any plans to revamp fellowship manoeuvres in the foreseeable future?
    8) With the end of the player council next year, are there any plans to increase the communication between developers and players, specially when it comes to class changes discussion?
    9) Also, will the Palantir Preview Program accept a larger quantity of players now that the councils are coming at an end?

    • Correction: 1) It’s a common opinion that the hunter is still not competitive to the major dps classes like the RK, the champ or the wardens *in U19*. In which update are you guys planning for further adjustments to the class? Is there anything you can say about what’s upcoming for the hunters that is not coming for U19?

  11. Like Henry, I would like to see Emyn Muil as well.
    Also, is it likely that the Dead Marshes map will ever connect to the main landscape?
    Could we possibly see a housing area in Rohan in the (relatively) near future?
    Will we see a level cap increase before the possible Mordor expansion?
    Can we get a consume all button for LI pills like we have for rep items?

  12. Will the hairdresser ever be able to redo the the non-humanoid form of a beorning?

  13. Immortan of Evernight /

    Will some of the new shields for housing cos in U19 be available for barter in the upcoming festivals for character cos. I would love to have the Lamedon and Minas Tirith shields for some of my toons. Backpack or shield cos would be great.

  14. Orodalf /

    With U19, Burglar and Hunter get done long-awaited love. However, I would assert that all of the classes need, at the very least, a bug-fix once-over. Examples: Champion off-hand damage is often lower than it should be (see the Champion subforum), Lore-master skills that indicate that they will provide incoming damage increases or reductions actually apply the opposite (wind-lore decreases instead of increases, blue-line bear ability decreases instead of increases), and certain single-target Warden DoT effects don’t stack across applications by different Wardens.

    With that being said, are fixes to other classes planned/in the works?

  15. Jared Brown /

    After we finish up the Epic Quests and the Ring is destroyed, do you think there is any chance of returning to classes and content, hopefully improving them?

    As the game is now, there is no incentive to do any dungeons below level cap and the game is so easy during the leveling experience that it is honestly an immersion breaker.

    Many of the classes are shadows of their former selves. Burglar used to be one of the most interesting classes in ANY mmo, but now it’s just another generic damage dealer. The trait trees caused a lot of the classes to “specialize” but the final result ended up being a pruned version of the class.

    I know you guys don’t have a lot of money, but this game has played a huge part in my life and I would love to see it active again beyond the current numbers.

  16. What about kinship revamping? Any plans for it? Galuhad’s thread at forum with very interesting things about kinship revamp is more than 5 years old:!

  17. Which is the more fun crowd to interact with- DDO players or LOTRO players?

  18. Gilnaure /

    I have a bunch of questions from players from Lotro-Mindon (I’m just translating them, so there may be a few comments :)).

    These questions are mainly about bugs.

    1. Is there some strides in your fight with “the connection to the server has been lost” problem?
    2. Will the possibility to purchase auction slots, quest packs (and so) on be added to LotRO Store for VIP subscribers?
    3. Will the new quickslot bars be added?
    4. There is a bug with a Gondorian Supplier Horn – the Supplier is summoned inside the horn. Will it be fixed?
    5. New dyes cause a few Wardrobe problems: items colored in Sunset Orange, for example, aren’t displayed in the Wardrobe, They appear only if the Sunset Orange filter option is chosen. Will it be fixed?
    6. Is it possible to prevent players try to sell the free to buy items on Auction? Outfits from usual town vendors, housing decorations from vendors in homesteads – these ones.
    7. Do you have plans to add some “decoration-like” Auctioneers or Bankers we can use in our houses?
    8. Do you have plans to add training dummies as (useful) decorations for houses?
    9. Do you have plans to add real mirrors as housing decorations? Like those are in Bree-town.

    • Gilnaure /

      Oh, and one more question from me 😀 Will new LotRO soundtrack be released anywhere? 🙂

  19. Gagily /

    1. Will there be any serious creep improvement?We could use an update so PvMP will be more balanced.Freep side gets new stuff with every update,it is time to give us some love.Maybe new creep system would do.
    2.Will we see regions as Far Downs,South Farthing,Northern Ered Luin and etc?In my opinion,it would make us better picture of lore overall and keep things interesting.I think many players would like to see that once main story is done.
    3.Is there a chance for kinship revamp?We could really use new system of it working.
    4.Will there be any serious work towards improving connection with users that are far from datacenter?With datacenter move,many of us started having serious problems if not in closer location to it.
    5.Will be possible in future to finally play raids without lag or serious delay in loading?
    6.Is it possible to get collection that will show all mounts,and not just having list of special ones?

  20. LOTROlove /

    1 question which occured to me by the comments of Severlin that Mordor would be ‘somewhere after the anniversary’: looking at the past few years we’d normally get U20 somewhere close to april. Is this still the case (with perhaps more Dagorlad / Black Gate content) or are we looking at a larger period without new content while looking forward to the Expansion somewhere in fall 2017 (which will technically be U20 then)?
    Other question: could somebody give some information about the idea behind the extra tiers for MT defenders? We seem to be moving away from this faction and not a single useful barter item was added in relation to these tiers until now.

  21. Tomeoric /

    Odd that it hasn’t been asked yet, so I’ll throw this out there. Crafting – any updates? I know there are more than a few crafters out there (me included), that would appreciate the ability to craft on-level, non-essence, guild recipe (teal) gear. The last time that was available was at 95, and we’re now at 105.

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