LOTRO Academy: After School – Episode 9

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LOTRO Academy: After School - Episode 9

LOTRO Academy: After School is our monthly live show where we talk about what each of us have been up to during the month and answer questions from the live chat. Thanks for listening.

Now available at http://lotroacademy.com and on the iTunes Store.

LOTRO Academy: After School is recorded live on the last Friday of the month and posted when I can get to it. Join us at The Players Alliance mixlr at 7:00 PM Central Time on the last Friday of the month to listen live and participate in the Q&A. Or show up early for the pre-show banter.

We are now using listener submitted screenshots for the episode coverart! Send your LOTRO screenshots to podcast at lotroacademy.com to enter. The coverart image will be chosen by the live audience during the broadcast.


  1. Barnabras /

    Branick, there were no issues on filling in the blanks on your audio. I would like to thank you for all the complements! You were gushing so much about me, I was starting to blush. And don’t worry I’m sure your condition will clear up with large amounts of medication and ointment. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the next live show.

  2. Tomeoric /

    @Sanswinda – I regularly “go around” Moria (on alts). Between Angmar / Eregion / Forochel, you can easily make it to 55. Since they lowered the level range (60-65) for Enedwaith, you can go into the north part of the zone at 55 and start questing there. Once you get to 60, you can push your way even into Dunland.

  3. Flosiin /

    The idea behind Imbued LI’s is they will be that last LI you have to get. It will now grow as you level up. It’s what we thought the Legendary system was going to be like when Moria launched.

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