LOTRO Players News Episode 170: Wardenitis

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This week we are joined by Kazcovall to talk about YouTube and Update 19.

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  • Watched The Tolkien Prof do THE Volume 2 hobbit quest
  • Watched a lot of LOTRO streams this week
  • Had a fan ask to take screenshots with me



  • LOTRO streams



  • Got to level 96 on my RK, have almost finished book 1 of Volume 4.



  • Finished the Moria part of Epic Vol 2 and began the Mirkwood landing on my Free 2 Play account
  • Continued leveling a warden past 15 for the first time ever.



  • Disbanded several kins.
  • During the Academy field trip, we gained our first legendary items.
  • My Brandywine warden reached level 105.



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Philmen writes:

I don’t know if you are continuing this as I am a couple of episodes behind, but what the heck. Oh and thanks Maevan for mentioning my facebok post about my entry into Moria. As you will see from my “moment” it is either all or nothing with me so yes I can be considered to be a completionist.

My Noob moment was with my first character, an elf getting hopelessly lost in Ered Luin. I think there should be a big label on the game for all new players “DO NOT START WITH AN ELF CHARACTER. DISORIENTATION MAY BE EXPERIENCED”. To start with you begin in a zone that was not in the book or movies (Thorin’s Gate) and then they move you to the other end of the zone (Celondim) to begin questing in landscape. I made it from Celondim to Duilond with no problem and then I went further north towards the next quest following the ring icon on the mini map. I hadn’t picked up that the icon disappears when you get close to the target and so I am heading NE, the icon has gone and I fall down some cliffs (without dying) and find myself in the river. I then nearly got killed by the Dourhands at the port of Kheledul and swiftly swam what I thought was southwards but was really north as far as I could go expecting to get out on the east bank and get into the Shire (because the map said it was that way). Instead I found myself on the long grassy incline at Haudh Lin and got killed by a spider way over my level. I gave up on that character and only discovered where this had all taken place weeks later when I brought another alt through Ered Luin with greater caution. That character is still sitting all alone on Evernight at Gondamon destined to never progress any further having failed to stop the Shadows of Angmar rising. I think he will just go to the west and swear off Middle-earth forever.

I firmly believe that that a first character should be human as most people would be familiar with Breeland, followed by dwarf because both of these continue in the same place after the starter zone, then Hobbit as most people will be familiar with the Shire and last of all an ELF!




Merryrose writes:

“Hi to all LOTRO Players News!

Thanks for your show each week. It is both informative & entertaining.

Maven, you were correct in interpreting last week’s title suggestion was the equivalent of a soapbox. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up and that phrase was commonly used.

I do have a newbie question. How does my hunter acquire consumable traps? I read on the wiki that they can be crafted by a weaponsmith. My hobbit red-line hunter is most envious of my yellow-line hunter’s traps. But she can’t find traps in the auction hall and my weaponsmith (supreme level) doesn’t have the recipe. Are consumable traps still available? Or is my weaponsmith too low a level to craft them?

Thanks so much!

Merryrose Morningsong”

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