Poll: Will You Be Buying a Premium House?


After the recent change to upkeep costs, we want to know if you will be buying a Premium House.

Will you be buying a Premium House?

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  1. John Soper /

    Mithril coins are on sale this week. (20%) off. 1600 for 250 Mith Coins, instead of 2000

  2. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    definately ;D Vnice they got a new house neighborhood going, wasnt expecting it!

  3. Arabany /

    I’ll buy several of them for sure. And I hope there will be more: Rohan, Bree, Hobbit and so on themed.

    • Aragorn /

      There are hobbit and Bree themed houses already, Rohan furniture too, but it would be nice for the entire home to be Rohan themed.

  4. jackit /

    can I customize the decoration in details, at any place? (NO)
    can I customize npcs as guards, merchants or different creatures outside (NO)
    can I customize the land location, rotating the house, changing light spots (NO)

    nope… this is the same thing, just different scenarios, want to surprise players? at least for the houses, a big update, besides more cute backgrounds.

  5. Old Badger-brock /

    I visited the new premium housing location on the Bullroarer test server. While the setting is very nice, it isn’t much different than the current set-up we have except the purchase price is in Mithril Coins rather than in-game currency. In my experience the housing areas are seldom used, even with active kinships. I’m very happy with my current houses, and personally see no need for the further expense.

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