Poems of the Pine: A Fellowship Endangered


Pinesong on Stage

We heard that the fellowship is in danger. Can we find them and give them aid?

Book 7 – A Fellowship Endangered

We peeked into a mirror
And peril we found –
We must follow the fellowship
And their fate discern.
On a boat we rode
Down the river’s course
Into lands where live
The Lords of Horses.
I was joined by three
On the journey south:
Nona the daring
Dunlending lass,
Horn who hailed
From the horse-lords realm,
And Corudan, our guide,
Of the Galadhrim elves.
We followed the fellowship
To the Falls of Rauros
Where signs did show
The shattering of the group.
Some walked to the west;
Others wandered east.
Which path can save
Our imperiled friends?
We chose the west
But chance did show
The fellowship was far ahead.
We needed steeds
Whose strides were quick
If we’re to hope to help our friends.

Will we be able to close the gap, or are we too far behind?

Pineleaf Needles

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