LOTRO Players News Episode 168: Plenty of Pineleaf Poetry


This week we talk about more transfer token news.

Game News

Transfer Tokens Returning Temporarily With Update 19

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Free Sample Of The Week September 16th – 22nd

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LOTRO Players News

Poll: Do You Want Yearly Raids for LOTRO?

Community Events: September 16th-22nd

Middle-earth Lore Chapter 4 – Rivendell

LOTRO Academy: 132 – Sanswinda Asks

LOTRO Academy: 133 – Sanswinda Asks Pt. 2

Critters journey [40] Due to graphic content

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 21: In the Report

Poems of the Pine: The Dragon of Midnight





  • Rolled a new Warden – we’ll see how long this one lasts. 😛
  • Finally exited Moria on my Free to Play LoreMaster – still don’t like the elves in Lothlorien.
  • Beardkissers are ready to enter Moria to see if they can find Bingo in there somewhere.



  • Arkenstone!Teriadwyn has achieved her war-steed!
  • Grrlz of Middle-earth took on Tarlang’s Crown, mostly successfully.
  • RK Lashillien and Sanswinda are now level 94 and arrived at Helm’s Dike, did a brief tour.



  • On Arkenstone, my field trip group went to Angmar and ran the Fem quest and Book 6.
  • My Beorning reached Minas Tirith and had a picnic with a hobbit.
  • Participated in the Harnkegger poetry contest.


News Beyond LOTRO

Tolkien Tribute: Lost Stanzas from The March of the Ents


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  1. I love Tales of the Free Folk! Please keep it going! TotFF was what introduced me to tabletop roleplay games and I have been extremely interested in the entire story. I was waiting and waiting for it when y’all took the summer break, and watched all of the episodes. I even recommended it to a friend! All that to say, don’t stop Tales of the Free Folk!

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