Poems of the Pine: The Dragon of Midnight


Pinesong on Stage

We take a break from the epic story this week and take a look at a battle against a mighty dragon.

The Dragon of Midnight

Where the tide tumbles
Into towering cliffs
A stark and stony
Stronghold lies.
In its darkest depths
A dragon did sleep
Till a wanderer woke
The worm of night.
The unthinking thief
Took three dark gems
That mirrored the moonless
Midnight sky.
Though small in size
They soon were missed
So the dragon desired
To destroy the thief.
The cliffs did shake
And shelters fell
As the dragon burst forth
From its dwelling below.
In a panic the people
Sought places new
To flee the ferocity
Of the fell dragon.
Yet one did stay
To stop the fiend:
One Rupen, a knight
Of righteous strength.
He found the stones
Stolen from the worm
To draw the dragon
Into a deadly fight.
The dragon dove
With daunting speed
Then belched a breath
Of blazing fire.
But Rupen ran not
And readied his bow
Then wounded the worm
In the wing’s pinion.
The dragon landed
With deadly intent
While Rupen readied
His radiant sword.
The fight was fierce
For five long hours
Till day did dawn
And darkness fled.
The midnight hide
Of the monstrous worm
Was shriveled by the light
Of the shining sun.
So Rupen struck
A righteous blow
And drove the blade
Into the dragon’s hide.
The dragon died
From the daring blow
As the sun did rise
Over the sea that day.
Down the cliffs the corpse
Did crash and fall
Then slowly sank
Into the sea’s embrace.

Next time, we return to the epic story and finally enter Rohan.

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