LOTRO Store Sales 9/16/16 -9/22/16



Free Sample Of The Week September 16th – 22nd
Universal Solvent x1 Use Coupon Code SOLVENT 1/Account






Stat Tomes

295 236

Regeneration Food

5-50 4-40

Run Speed Boosts

40-155 32-124

+5% Attack Damage

11-195 9-156

Drac Says – For the love of GOD, NO.. Just NO.. Don’t buy ANY OF THESE… Hobbit Presents are your friend. just-say-no

One comment

  1. Well, higher stat tomes actually don’t drop from hobiit presents. Whether they are useful is a matter for discussion though. For some people doing harder end game content they can be useful, but most of them (till tier 14) are usually available in Auction Hall.

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