Poll: Do You Want Yearly Raids for LOTRO?


After the recent news, we want to know if players actually want yearly raids for LOTRO.

Do you want yearly raids for LOTRO?

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  1. why would someone say no?

    • Why would it surprise you that there are some people who don’t want raids? Different people want different things. I prefer PvP. PvE bores me. So, answering the question of whether *I* want yearly raids – meh, no. But that’s not to say I don’t want it for the rest of the community, if that’s what they want. Fill your boots. It’s just not my thing.

      • My point is, I would never say no to content that any portion of the player base enjoys. The question wasn’t do you like to raid? The question was do you want a specific content to be a yearly thing for LotRO. Honestly, it should be 100% yes across the board.

      • The poll was set up poorly because ‘maybe’ and ‘could care less’ (which would had been my answer) are not the same thing.

        Raids don’t excite me because they often require a significant time commitment to grouping and certain group builds for maximum efficiency. Because of various reasons I can’t commit that time and therefore seldom get to raid (although I do enjoy the few times I have the free time to jump in a group made up of friends).

        I do recognize that a certain percentage of the lotro players though live for raids and look forward to new ones where they feel challenged. I know that some of those players invest heavily into the game and are important to the long term welfare of the game in my opinion. It isn’t that I don’t want them to have fun (far be it from that). I just have very little stake in seeing a raid churned out every year with the few apparent resources (timewise) the developers have available. WB may have taken this game on a downward spiral that it might not survive over the course of even 3 more years. If that happens, at least it has had a great run.

  2. I’d like 11 other people who didn’t ask me if I was geared and experienced just to see the damn raid! So I could appreciate people saying no if they don’t get to experience it. Those people would rather have more playable content for them. Me I just want to experience it even on an epic fail level 🙂

  3. Enough active players to actually be able to find groups to do the raids/instances would also be nice. It’s not great when you spend longer waiting for a group than you spend playing the actual content.

    • Ceo that is one of my biggest gripes. I understand the importance of getting the right group, but for anyone who has limited gaming time you don’t want to waste 95% of that time waiting for the group to finalize (too often seeing a handful of people leave in that time frame too!). The raids are well done and fun. The process of getting everyone set up for the raid is the horrible part.

  4. Tosaf of Landroval (formally of Silverlode) /

    One side effect of the recent raid that was released is the lack of other content that is available for those that can’t raid. The time requirement is something that I personally have an issue with. So my vote was maybe.

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