LOTRO Academy: 132 – Sanswinda Asks


LOTRO Academy: 132 - Sanswinda Asks

Branick, Teriadwyn, Pineleaf, and Sanswinda welcome Mortumbra to the Academy Team with this episode focused on answering Sanswinda’s questions. Not every question needs an entire episode to explain the topic. In this episode, we seek to answer those little questions that players may have when starting out in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening!

Episodes of LOTRO Academy are recorded on Saturday and posted when I can get to it. Leave a comment below or via email (podcast at lotroacademy dot com) prior to 2 PM CDT on the Saturday following the episode’s release for your comment to be featured in the Listener Feedback section.


  1. Welcome to the show, Mort! I’m sure your expertise in unicorns that not only express themselves on beams of polychromatic light, but are also fluffy and of a pink hue, will greatly accentuate the fantastic knowledge base that cascades from the mouth of LOTRO Academy. Oh, and I’m sure someone else joined the crew this episode, so welcome to you too!

    Good questions, good answers, hard to really add anything since things seemed to be covered in concise and simple responses. For anyone wondering about other beginner stuff, I would definitely check out the Beginner Episodes filter by clicking on that text under the title for episode 132, and browse the various Beginner podcasts. If something seems really out-of-date, let Branick or someone on the LOTRO Academy crew know about it and perhaps it’ll get some fresh knowledge shared on that topic during a future episode.

    Due to their live nature, both the After School episodes of Academy and Twitch broadcasts (of LOTRO or a known LOTRO streamer) are another great place for new players to ask their questions. There is no dumb question, only dumb song requests. Keep calm and LOTRO on!

  2. Tomeoric /

    For rare elites, warbands, and roving threats – if you can’t tell by the mob portrait frame, you’ll certainly be able to tell by the actual mob name. These types of mobs will have an actual “name”, not the monster type. So instead of “gredbyg”, the name may be “SnapClaw”. There is a rare-elite gauradan in Forochel named “Branek” (evil Branick twin).

    Essences – even at level cap, you don’t have to worry about them if you don’t want to. Non-essence crafted gear and non-essence barter gear/jewelry will still allow you to see all the game content fairly easily.

    Branick – probably the best description of Need/Greed/Pass I’ve heard. That should be required listening for those that use that loot method.

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