Poll: Do You Want Another LOTRO Expansion?


After the recent news, we want to know if players actually want a new expansion for LOTRO.

Do you want another LOTRO expansion?

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  1. As much as I have been enjoying the current method of content release. I enjoy expansions even more. The pre-purchase with all the extra account wide goodies your receive. Full crafting tiers, questing, instances clusters…but most importantly for someone who works full time and has real life stuff to do….The time in-between expansions to level or work on your other alts.

    • There are several ways to look at the prospect of another expansion.

      The previous Executive producer had said before her departure – no more expansions, only content updates.
      Keeping in mind that statement was made BEFORE the last round of layoffs. (And staffing is even lower now than it was then.)

      What does an Expansion imply? Some purely speculative ideas:

      1- One possible explanation for an Expansion is that, like Mirkwood, and possibly Helm’s deep, most of the work will be contracted out, and therefore it needs to be separately priced to recover those costs.

      2- A cost to all players of $50 USD or more! (including us Lifetimers) – The last expansion, Helm’s Deep, cost $40 USD, and is still a separately priced item from the previous 4 expansions (the quad pack).

      3- An expansion and its charge, implies that Turbine management needs to justify its continued existence to WB management by showing that players will continue to pay “big-bucks” for an MMO expansion, contrary to WB’s stated emphasis on Mobile games.

      4- Implying that either this will be an expensive expansion, which maybe only raiders will buy; or there will be so much content — for all sectors of the player community — that it becomes a must-have.

      Content in the expansion may only appeal to a very small segment of the player community — i.e. the Raiders and other “end-game” players. Having nothing to do with the Epic quest line. Think of an expansion which only contains “Instance Clusters and Raids.” Probably patterned after the “Instance Cluster: Rohan” (The road to Erebor) with three 3-person instances and four 6 or 12-person raids).

      5- It implies that a level cap increase might be in the works, and that a major change in the “Blessing of the Valar” is in the works to suck cash from those who can’t take the time to “Level-up” but who are enticed by the “Raid content” of the new expansion. (Think also — the only way to get the level-cap increase is to buy the expansion!)

      6- an Expansion might unveil a [B]64-bit client[/B] which would address many of the crash-to-desktop issues! – This would essentially imply a new game being released therefore making the Expansion worthwhile.

      These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

    • I agree. They still have work to do on the memory leak / lag issues though, this needs to be a part of any expansion; every time they release new content they want to go bigger and better and it’s broken the game to the point it’s no longer enjoyable at least for me.

  2. Godwineson /

    I regret that I have but one vote in favor to give.

  3. Bango on Laurelin /

    As I’ve given up (after over 9 years of playing lotro, my opinion is probably moot. But having just got my first character in WoW to 110 with the Legion expansion which is utterly brilliant, anything that Turbine produces given their limited resources and awful design choices, it is bound to disappoint.

    • WOW is just horrible…horrible community as well. If you’re enjoying so much, then why bother commenting here. Some of us that have stuck with the game and will support it have more valid input. And I’ve been a long time player as well. Still one of the best MMO games out there. Miles better than WOW. I have a feeling you’re not even a former LOTRO player. Probably a WOW junkie just here to bash the game. Happens frequently.

      • 1. Bango is in fact a (ex) LotRO player. 2. Saying your input is more valid than someone who is disappointed with the game and moved on is ridiculous. Turbine needs to learn from their mistakes. Everyone has different tastes. WoW may not be your thing, but there is no denying that they have kicked out a quality, polished expansion. It’s comments like yours that make the LotRO community horrible.

  4. Expansions, Yes, I think something is in Order, something with some Meat on it instead of a Tease. Perhaps a BIG Shot-in-the-Arm for Past Areas, Lots of Good, Playable Areas are just about Dead (Moria, Dunland, Mirkwood, Eregion, Enedwaith, etc.,)…Try getting a FS going in Fornost, OD, Lost Temple, Forges, GL in World Channel, E1 on there wants to do the End Game(which is Fine if your an End-Gamer), but what about Us Soloists, and/or Gamers who prefer to be on the Ground and/or On-Foot rather than a War Steed, I guess We got Forgotten, except when it comes time to Cough up some $$$…
    I always thought with the Beorning Class it would be nice to actually Ride to Carrock. Actually go to the Lonely Mountain, Explore the Rest of Mirkwood, Perhaps an Expansion that follows the Path of the 2 Blue Wizards, Meet Cedric the Shipwright, Travel to the the Undying Lands (Go to Valinor,), Actually Travel through the Closed Gates in the Shire, Breeland, Dunland, Redhorn Pass, Ered Luin, etc.,
    All things considered at this point Level 105 wouldn’t survive at the Black Gates, perhaps Level 200 (lol)? Besides, what’s the Big Hurry anyways??

  5. In all honesty, I find LOTRO releases content faster than I can keep up with it (having multiple alts). I’d approve of an expansion because the game is in a good place, my kin is thriving, and it would bring the players together even more. But I’d probably not get to engage with it for a while as I’m still catching up in other areas and find new instances and raids a bit daunting.

  6. New regions are fun, no matter which way we get them. I stopped caring about leveling, and gear never interested me. Stopped leveling my gear at level 100, way too much work. BUT… exploring a new region…. Of course I like that! So yes, I want an expansion.

  7. Aradathalion /

    I vote yes for several reasons. 1. Expansion. Just yes. Shut up and take my money. I don’t care how much just shut up and take it already. 2. new landscape, gear, stories, 3. I have never had the chance to purchase the “I have too much money so I am going to drop it all on this superior package video game ” version of an expansion. 4. Lets go Beyond.

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