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Milestone Skills

Drac Says –One can never have too many milestones!Thumbs_Up-Custom




Hurried, Returning and Expedient Traveler

Drac Says – When you want to get around faster!! Thumbs_Up-Custom.jpg

Riding Traits

Drac Says – Always Good To See These Go On Sale! Thumbs_Up-Custom.jpg

Simple Rally Horn

Drac Says – Save your TP, get these from Hobbit Presents.Thumbs_Down-Custom


Limited Time Offer!
25% off Region Pack: Far Anórien
Aug. 26th – Sept. 4th

Limited Time!
Tier 17 Stat Tomes
Now through Sept. 8th


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  1. Get the Journeyman Riding Trait (account-wide 78% increase), add a “Well Fed” Boost of 20% for 1 hour, and you get 93.6% Speed Boost,,Not as Fast as a War-Steed, but pretty close…Besides, not all areas a War Steed is viable in. Try a Goat @ 93.6% in Moria!

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