Turbine Currently Planning To Have Yearly Raids For LOTRO


Dadi’s LOTRO Guides recently posted a two-part interview with Turbine.

In Part 1 of the interview they talked about the licensing agreement, the possibility of a new expansion, and lag.

The following is from Part 2 of the interview with Turbine.

In the interview Severlin, LOTRO’s Executive Producer, talks about the possibility of yearly raids.

“What we are currently looking at is; and I am going to say this because it is wildly going to change, so I know that people are going to hate me when we actually don’t do this, but we are thinking once a year looking at the participation and maybe once a year, maybe once every 14 months, to do another raid so that the players can experience content in that manner.” – source

Dr. Octothorpe then talks about the return of the raiding population.

“I want to add we are happy, delighted, to see how the raiding community in LOTRO has come back to life. We are very aware of the fact that we want to give the raiding community things to do often enough that they do not feel like all the work they put into this raid was all for nothing. We sort of put a ball back in the air. Even if we don’t know exactly what cadence we are going to have, the goal is to have the ball bouncing in the air.” – source

MadeOfLions, Dr. Octothorpe and Pinion tease about the possibility of a raid with a certain spider.

“MadeOfLions: And from a story perspective, there is certainly a lot of fertile ground ahead for the possibilities of very challenging raid mechanics and villains.”

Dr. Octothorpe: … dark webbed enemies … I am not going to say more …

Pinion: I wonder who that could be?” – source

Dr. Octothorpe then talks about raid loot.

“We definitely have been monitoring feedback on raid loot and things like that and I think going forward; this raid was the first raid that we have done in a long time; and when it came to designing the loot for that, that was certainly a factor. Now that we have some good feedback and we are going to get a lot more practice, maybe.  Don’t over promise.  When it comes to the gradient with which we give out rewards, I think we might be amping that up a little bit, I do not want to get too much into specifics now. Even for the upcoming update for Update 19, we will actually be sharing some of that info on Palantir.” – source

Severlin adds that eventually the Bullroarer test server will see the new info as well.

Later on, Severlin talks about plans to change DPS for the Hunter and Burglar classes.

“Hunter DPS, yes. Burglar DPS, yes. Burglar survivability, yes. Fellowship Maneuvers, not at this time; maybe a little bit later, but right now we are working on other things and we haven’t touched maneuvers because that is a bigger task I think to balance those.” – source

Severlin says he thinks these changes will be in Update 19.

Dr. Octothorpe then confirms that Update 19 is planned for release this Fall.

You can check out the rest of the Part 2 interview on old raid loot and LIs here.

Part 1 can be found here.


  1. Yay, more raids… (yes, that”s sarcasm)…. It’s all about fighting, gear nowadays….pity. The game once started so great (NO Raids, NO skirms, FUN landscape quests…)

    • There’s more, too. Events. Bingo. Epos is epic. And continues. I’m 105 and there’s much left to explore (book of deeds etc.); ca. 50% of all implemented landscapes are still not inspected enough by me…

      • That’s right. I am 105 also, play for 9 years now. I love Bingo, and really hope it continues. What I mean is that the focus of the game went from the Tolkien kind of way, to WoW kind of way. And I just don’t like that. I know many people do, but this is my opinion 🙂

  2. This fall: Minas Morgul (Shelob).^^ As it was planned (Vyvyanne announced it last December).

  3. I don’t get why the game is great for you if it doesn’t have raids or skirms, you don’t have to do them anyway?
    You can do fun quests, festivals, RP, music and other stuff and don’t bother with raids or new instances. That way you also don’t need to gear up.
    On the other hand there are a lot of people who want to do new group content, some of them like challenging raids…

    • I don’t do raids, stopped leveling my gear, play music, do festivals. The fun quests are all done though. Read reply on Dr.Dodger for what I mean. It’s just my opinion. Game still great btw 🙂

  4. Kaleigh Starshine /

    The past: http://lotroplayers.com/2014/12/31/a-yuletide-and-new-years-wish-for-lotro/

    Now, at long last, the dark ages of the Helm’s Deep expansion, what came in its aftermath, and the mentality behind it all, have ended. While we have emerged, we have done so scathed, I fear. Unfortunately, damage was done that can never fully be repaired, no matter how hard the new Lotro team tries to be inclusive and do so.

    Still, a hard lesson was learned, it seems, and if the team can even partially deliver upon what they wish to do, much brighter days are ahead.

    One last thing. I think it is safe to say that the percentage of players who participate in group content did not rise during the time it was not supported. Some on the official forums were given bans or infraction points for ‘providing false information’ when making the case that Turbine was making a mistake in underestimating and putting off that part of the player base.

    Those bans and infraction points should be reversed immediately.

  5. Godwineson /

    I hope that they consider taking the existing landscape, use layering technology, and have a path back to the Shire, ‘scouring’ each region. New stories, new quests. Reduced costs, consistent with the appendices.

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