Poems of the Pine: Mists of Anduin


Pinesong on Stage

A dream draws us across the mountains.

Book 6 – Mists of Anduin

When the battle was done
Our dreams were haunted
By memories, terrors,
And mysterious visions.
As we slept a summons
Set our next road
Across mountains
Of misty peaks.
We gathered the Ghost
Who gained the sword
And crossed the peaks
To the pristine woods.
They sent us to find
The fellowship’s path
To find the darkness
That endangered their quest.
Downriver we roamed
Near Rohan’s edge
In search for the site
Of a sinister beast.
The beast had fallen
But its burden lurked
In the bogs, barrens,
And battlefields near.
We searched for clues
Of the servant of ill
Then drove the darkness away.
But Nona was hurt
In the Nazgûl’s wake
Till cured in the care of the elves.

Next time, we finally enter Rohan.

Pineleaf Needles

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