LOTRO’s Something ‘Big’ Is An Expansion


Dadi’s LOTRO Guides recently had an interview with some of the developers for LOTRO.

In the interview Severlin, LOTRO’s Executive Producer, says the previously hinted something ‘big’ is a new expansion for LOTRO.  Severlin does not want to say too much yet though as plans may change.

“Right now we have a two and a half year plan [taking us in to the end of 2018 -ed.], and the reason we don’t want to plan far beyond that is because we want to see where the player’s heads are at after that much time. We are currently focused on not only telling the Epic Story leading up to the Gate but sort of what happens beyond. We have already kind of hinted to the players that an expansion is on its way. I do not want to say too much about that because if I talk about the expansion now we are still early enough that things may change and I do not want to disappoint the community. This is one of the reasons we don’t usually talk about it; not because we do not have long term plans, just the opposite.  We want to tell the epic story, and we all know Mordor is coming. We want Mordor to satisfy not only the story buffs, but also make the experience of entering Mordor really epic because it is something other than the two Halflings, something we did not see much of.” – source

Cordovan also talked about the licence for LOTRO:

“I would like to chime in on the licensing thing too, it is something that comes up on the forums quite a bit.  What we do with LOTRO is not particularly different from other video games that operate under a licensing agreement for intellectual property (ex. super hero games, etc.).  They all have license holders and LOTRO is no different.  Typically these kind of agreements are pieces of business that are not really disclosed to the public.  As part of the corporate business decision making that is involved with the creation [and maintenance -ed.] of a game like LOTRO.  The LOTRO community has historically had some particular sensitivity over the licensing agreement, but the agreement itself has basically always been a routine piece of business from the very start.  So while we can understand that some folks like to talk about it on the forums and as you said; “doom say”, the reality is that it is just a private piece of business that has been routine (lawyers getting together).  Ultimately if there was a major issue with the license you guys would probably find out about it because the game would no longer be operating after a certain point.  This is not a reality show “are they going to get kicked off the island” thing worth speculating month after month, year after year.  It is basically just a routine piece of business and we have no reason to think this won’t be a continuation of that.” – source

MadeOfLions also talks about the upcoming Epic Story:

“Thank you so much, but you haven’t seen anything yet … I am just super excited about the things we are coming up to. We do not try to rest on our laurels, we are always thinking about the next thing; I am very excited for what that is going to be.” – source

You can check out the rest of Part 1 of the interview on lag and raiding here.

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  1. Too bad they killed the game with grind. I won’t be returning, no matter what they do expansion-wise. I just don’t have time to grind grind grind.

    • Yes, thats the reason I stopped riding at all. I have no time to level my weapons and epecially grind all these essences for my top level toons which I have 5 or so. And there are also this stats from deeding… It must be awfull feeling for someone new who after long time finally reached lvl 105 and he realises that he is still useless for endgame cause he needs spend many more hours to grind gear.

      Trying to keep some hardcore players occupied Turbine is loosing those who can’t spend so many hours playing.

      I liked times when I was able to have all my top level toons geared for endgame. Now I do not have even one fully geared. Much too much grind for me.

    • well, if u remember grind while playing helms deep or west gondor, new instances, osgiliath in my opinion made this game not grind like grinding before them

      • Minas Tirith was one of the most grindy updates of all time. Having to do every single deed in the region in order to get all your trait points? On each character you have? Terrible. When they raised the level cap to 105 I knew I’d never play LotRO again. It’s been nearly a year since I quit and I’ve never looked back.

      • Louni /

        Still all a matter how you look or “Play” things. I agree with most of these replies, but, I have 2 toons that are geared still with the essence gear from Dol Amroth, and I can do all the end game instances with them. Not on T2, and that sometimes bothers me, since that’s how to get the crests to get the “better” gear. But I can still do them all on T1. So I can still do “End Game” to experience the game, which for me is the main thing. I love this game, I don’t think I will ever stop playing it till the rug is pulled out from under me. My biggest “complaint” would be that it is a catch 22 as far as getting the best gear now, when it never was, until MT. I would like Turbine to come up with another way to get Murgul Crest, that people who can’t run T2 instances can do. And having them drop in the RT groups once out of 100 times, is not another way. BTW, I have 6 105 toons, and 2 other 100’s, they may never run any end game content, but I still enjoy playing them.

    • Then don’t play. Simple. If you haven’t played for a year then your input is no longer valid or needed.

  2. Squirle /

    Why are we not funding this?! Oh wait :).

  3. Well, this is encouraging! 😄

  4. “U ain’t seen nothin yet!” =) <3

  5. John Soper /

    This is great news.

  6. Louni /

    Looking forward to expansion! and to 2018, and beyond!

  7. Great

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