LOTRO Store Sales 8/26/16 – 9/1/16



Free Sample Of The Week Aug. 26th – Sept. 1st
+10% Run Speed Boost x5 (90 min) Use Coupon Code RUN4IT 1/Account







Beorning Class

Drac Says – Hit Things With Your Claws Thumbs_Up-Custom

Rune-keeper Class

Drac Says – Blow Things Up. What’s Not To LoveThumbs_Up-Custom

Warden Class

Drac Says – Be Like Pineleaf!Thumbs_Up-Custom

Character Slots

Drac Says – When You Want To Start That Army Of AltsThumbs_Up-Custom

Slayer Deed Accelerators

Drac Says – Anything To Help With The Grind!Thumbs_Up-Custom



Limited Time Offer! Aug. 26th – Sept. 1st

  • 25% off Region Pack: Far Anórien

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  1. Thimbur /

    There’s a post on the Lotro forums saying the Far Anorien region pack isn’t showing as on sale in the store. Can’t check myself as I have it already.

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