Minas Tirith – After the Battle – Update 18.2.1


With Update 18.2.1, Turbine added an ‘After the Battle’ version of Minas Tirith.  I decided to take a look around.

*Update 18 Spoiler Alert*


  1. Tirian /

    To start the side quests, you need two things:
    1) To have completed the epic book The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
    2) To be at least kindred with the Defenders of Minas Tirith (and if you’re not yet, the easiest way to boost it are the dailies for the Cistern/North and South Gate – use rep boosters from the skirm camp!)

    The quests then start with Imrahil outside the main gate. He gives the wrapper quest (like Hytbold), for 4 quests a day – there are 6 in the first tier (Imrahil and Hurin), then a session play, then 4? (maybe more, can’t remember) in the next tier (from Ioreth and Torchuil, in the High Hall and outside the Houses of Healing), then another session play, and finally 5 (two from Bergil, three from another NPC inside the High Hall), which leads to the final instance.

    There are also a few bits and pieces you might want to check out if you just intend to wander around the area, rather than doing the quests:
    – In the Silent Street, check the area to the left of where you started the video – it looks rather burned, and I’m sure a quick look at the books (or by running the Silent Street instance) can tell you why!
    – There are three Houses of Healing – The High Hall (with three very important wounded characters!), and the Houses of Rest and Remedies (the latter ones include some Rohirrim we have encountered before, and some named Gondorians).
    – If you peer out into the Fields of Pelennor, either from the pier, or from the point where you ended the video, you see a very interesting tent in the middle of the fields, which rings a bell for any book readers!

  2. Also don’t neglect to look in the throne room of the Citadel for a solemn but fitting memorial.

  3. Daressa /

    I need help with Minas Tirith after the battle. I have been doing the daily quests given by Imrahil and my reputation is above kindred (working on the respected level). I cannot find where you go to find the Silent Street. I have ridden around every tier and I can’t find the entrance. Nor can I find anyone else besides Imrahil and Hurin to give daily quests (by the gate). If there is someone else to be giving quests where are they located?
    Any insight/help would be appreciated.

    • The enter to the Silent Street is on the last level (the one just below the Citadel). When you ride around the level you will find behind the Citadel doors wide open, behind them will be road leading down. You can also see Silent Street of the map, it is that big area west from the Citadel.

      Alas, can’t help you with the other problem as I haven’t quested in MT after battle yet.

    • Tirian /

      Its on the sixth tier – work your way around to the ‘back’ of the tier, and a gate has opened up that wasn’t present in pre-Battle Minas Tirith.

      Imrahil gives the wrapper quest (4 a day), and then after you’ve completed the first 6, new quests come from Ioreth and the Warden of the Houses of Healing – see my post above for how they all work, but make sure that you pick up the wrapper quest each time, and do the session plays.

  4. Daressa /

    Thanks for the information. I just don’t seem to be able to find the location of Ioreth and the warden for the house of healing. Does the wrapper quest from Imrahil need to be active for Ioreth to give his quests? Maybe that is where I have gone wrong?

    • Yes, you need that quest active to unlock the repeatable quests at least for the first time

  5. Daressa /

    Thank you for your help! I found the next set of quests.

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