LOTRO Players News Episode 164: Designated Chicken


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LOTRO Players News

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Why LOTRO Will Endure

Critters Journey [36] The Marooned 5

Poems of the Pine: The Prince of Rohan


New Player Question

What was the funniest assumption you made about the game when you first started playing?





  • Streamed a lot and today streamed with Pineleaf
  • Worked on Middle-earth Lore
  • Helped a Dunlending scare children of Rohan



  • Topped out Glordriel’s fishing proficiency…only thing left is a 50-lb salmon
  • Maevenn my designated chicken finished Flying the Coop quests (thanks Sanswinda!!) so is ready for MT run tomorrow and Crosser of Roads run on the 27th
  • My 81 captain did Sari Surma with Mythgard Adventures, 5-man hodge podge of levels doing a 6-man with lowest at 72 and highest a 100 Cappy, and Corey had to be talked out of setting the instance to 80! Kept wiping at second boss till we added a 105 mini, and even then she almost died a couple of times trying to keep us all alive! Definitely earned the “King of the Mountain” title!



  • Arkenstone!Teriadwyn has gone back to power through Volume 3 in Dunland now that she’s way overleveled. Left off just before the session play.
  • Rescue at Nûrz Ghâshu goes a little less smoothly with three than with two, but we only wiped once!
  • Took Sanswinda on a pub crawl through Minas Tirith thanks to Glordriel.



  • On the Arkenstone field trip, we swam in a lake.
  • Ran skirmishes with Andang
  • Returned to my Gladden warden after some neglect (lowest U.S. Server Pineleaf)


News Beyond LOTRO

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Barnabras left a comment on this week’s poll:

“What no Sara Oakheart? She is the NPC everyone loves to hate.”


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One comment

  1. Flosiin /

    Nebie moments for me: my first toon, elf hunter. I visited the stable master at Dulland for the first time. “Swift travel- Bree.” I was wondering what swift travel was and where Bree was so I tried it out. Well got a loading screen and saw Bree for the first time. It was huge and so many players! Then freaked out because I didn’t know how to get back to where I was just questing at!!

    Another moment was I got this really weird pop up. “Would you like to join kinship ***?” What’s a kinship??? Um..sure..ok. few days later, i started noticing that some of the text in the chat window was blue. I wonder why??? Aw well, and got back to questing…

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