LOTRO Players News Episode 163: Down With Bears


This week we say farewell to Arathaert.

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Critters Journey [35] Fellowship of food reserves

Poems of the Pine: Rise of Isengard





  • Glummed my way around Ered Luin with my overadventurous granddaughter
  • Also, farewell(ish)



  • Checked on the old capital of Rohan for a guy who is going to be screaming death
  • Resumed work on Episode 4 of M-eL



  • Ran around with a depressed dwarf and his sad pooh
  • Glordriel reached master angler stats, got the trout trophy, and is one fish away fromt the darter trophy
  • Tested Tier 1 versus Tier 2 soloing Icy Crevasse on Meyvan the LM, decided to power run at Tier 1 because the medallions per minute rate is the same at Tier 2 (and I use lots more stuff to get through it)



  • Hunter Alistriel got her port to Dol Amroth, did a walking tour of the city with Sanswinda.
  • Other champion started volume 3 with a couple of companions: Morkali and Maizydae. Discovered Pineleaf is not the only squishy warden-player in the game.
  • Wildermore questing on my Rune-keeper, keeping Sanswinda company as she goes through them for the first time.



  • Starting to love playing with floaty names turned off.  Frill and beast surprises galore!
  • Went to LLG for the first time on level with a 3 man group. Solo’d some spiders and got wrek’t by trolls.



  • On Arkenstone, my Friday group dealt with some salamanders and went to Ost Forod. At one point, someone asked if I had a new mount (I was using the same mount as always). Later I reached kindred and purchased my rep mount.(nobody noticed).
  • My Beorning started in Eastern Gondor.
  • Returned to my Brandywine Warden to work on my skirmish encounter deeds.


News Beyond LOTRO

Tolkien: The Lost Recordings


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Featured Comments

Typos writes:

“Tolkien: Let me recapitulate, this machine is a modern computer, LotRO is a computer game?

Guy: Yes sir, welcome!

Tolkien: So, this “LotRO” is based on my books? the “online” is there because we are on the internet, a machine for simulations as you say.

Guy: Yes… well, it is a game, there are real people with you right now.

Tolkien: What is a Hobbit Present? now i have some type of armor, i cannot understand the origin.

Guy: Is just a random gift, sir.

Tolkien: I think this is a dwarf with a long beard, let´s talk with him… hum, interesting, he repeats some lines and offers me a ring over his head? actually there are rings everywhere!

Guy: No.. i mean, yes, he and other characters have missions, the rings.

Tolkien: I need recover his shield from a group of goblins, hum, interesting, childish lines… hah!

Guy: Test my war steed.

Tolkien: Ah, you have a big horse and…. what type of horse is this? oh my god he is colliding with everything!

Guy: Calm down, click to stop sir.

Tolkien: So, when everything moves in a strange way, we are under some “lag”, a spell I supose?

Guy: No, this is part of Gondor and few places…

Tolkien: Lag? I never wroted a character or location called “lag”.

Guy: Ow..”


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  1. GamerGramp /

    Noooo!!! The Hat can’t leave the cast. Aratheart…. leave the Hat!

    Seriously though, you will be greatly missed. You and Maven were, in my opinion, the most dynamic members of the cast. (The rest of you are great, too!)

    Here’s hoping for great things in your future, for both you and your lovely bride.

  2. Buddha the blood Rook, LOL! Arathaert, So long and thanks for all the fish (and laughs). Best of luck with your wedding! Cheers, Braag

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