Poems of the Pine: Rise of Isengard


Pinesong on Stage

Will our journey through Dunland be safer than as our journey through Enedwaith.

Book 4 – Rise of Isengard

Deep into Dunland
We dared not go
Till friends we found
In the Falcon Clan.
We helped them prepare
For the perils of war
Then learned the lay
Of the lands nearby.
The Falcon feigned
The friendship it showed
And suddenly sold
Us to Saruman’s keep.
There we worked and toiled
Till we took a chance
To escape the claws
Of the cruel tower.
We fought to avenge
The Falcon’s turn
And undo the damage
They dealt to us.
With the aid of Rohan
The rangers we freed
Then we sped to find
The spiteful clan.
The Falcon flew
From the fury of the West
As the Rangers are in need of rest.
Yet the day will come
When we’ll deal a blow
To the faithless Falcon of Dunland.

Will we be able to deal our revenge against the Falcon Clan?

Pineleaf Needles

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