[trial] How did you survive lotro?


Disclaimer: This article is on a personal accord. To test the waters out for this kind of series.

We all know the tales of doom and gloom. They have been around forever since the dawn of MMO’s. And now that i got you clickbaited into this article. How come you have played a game longer then there are terms in an US presidential lifetime?

Where some games you will finish in about a week of playtime. There are the others you fondly remember from your childhood. But what happens when a game has been with you for so long it becomes a part of you? Not that particular level or that specific tune that plays when you go down that green tunnel and end up in that blue blocked maze with koopa troopers and headache inducing coin blocks.
Since you’re here on this website you might have guessed it. The game I’m thinking of is Middle earth online. Ok, i wasnt around for it that early so i’ll call it lotro. So why am i still around in this place we call a community or Middle-earth? Is it the perfect storm of a changing game that fits my own changes in life? Is it the community or is it the world in it self?
It’s probably all of the above. But i’ve the feeling its more than a personal story. It’s a coming of age romantic comedy with a dash of soap opera and drama tied into it. That might be more familiar to more people than i might think or they themselves realise.
With these tales i hope i can inspire you to enjoy lotro. Make you think about time and world you’re playing in. But most of all inspire you to make your stories of your own. Either in-game or make you pause the next time you deliver in that quest, take part in that kin activity or visit weatherstock.

Incase you made it this far. These tales I’m about to tell you in later articles are tales about me and you. People playing lotro for fun, community and for some even more. I’ve seen people leave, quit, been born due to and pass away while using lotro as their means of contact with the people they love to be around. Some are not my stories to be shared with the world. And some i can. I hope this and further articles will give you a flashing thought or the inspiration to share your stories.


  1. Louni /

    Looking forward to this. I am one of those players that has been around since the first stress test on beta, so pretty much since the beginning. Every year when the anniversary festival rolls around, I think of posting a few of my own favorite moments in LOTRO. RL time constraints, and heck, if I have free time, I am playing, has prevented me from doing so. So I will be watching this post for some stories from you, and maybe seeing some things that remind me of some of my stories.

    • Squirle /

      Yeah, free time is usually time best spent playing. The trial is mostly about how to shape these stories into a place that people enjoy reading. While still being true. It has been 9 years. So most of the memories are coloured by recent experiences. While i’m writing the next one i’m suprised by how many parts are different when i’m fact checking. Not all of angmar was fellowship quests :P. How much did a horse cost again? To great shame. Most screenshots of those times are gone and most of the old game data as well. Rip Lotro lorebook.

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