LOTRO Players News Episode 161: I Like Big Buffs


This week we talk about big buffs.

Game News

Turbine Reaches Out to the LOTRO Community

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week July 29th – Aug. 4th

Battle Potion of Restoration x5 Use Coupon Code battleheals 1/Account

20% Off

  • Gift and Blessing of the Valar
  • 3rd Age Item Trove
  • Legacy Scroll Box


LOTRO Players News

Poll: Will LOTRO Continue After 2017?

Community Events: July 29th-August 4th

LOTRO Academy: 130 – LOTRO Cosmetics

Hill-men in Tales of the Free Folk

Critters Journey [33] It is secret. It is safe. But where is it?

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Assault on the Ringwraiths’ Lair

Poems of the Pine: Echoes of the Dead


New Player Question

How does fishing work? Does leveling do anything other than give titles? Do the crafted fishing poles make any difference?





  • Free 2 Play in Moria is pretty fun, but lots of stable rides.  I found some quests in Zelem-melek that I hadn’t done before.
  • Wrote and recorded a few ads for the Harnkegger Games in early Sept.
  • Wrote a LOTRO parody based on that Captain “Ilikebigbuffs AndIcannotlie”



  • Worked on Bekah’s LIs and they’re almost at the imbuing point.



  • Saryssa’s gambling addiction continues, but she’s finished the dwarf deed!
  • Mounted combat with the burglar: bubbles EVERYWHERE!
  • Two new characters: Sparebear and Thomassina.



  • Dual boxed Sarnur with my 105 LM and my 54 mini
  • Logged my first bug report and it worked!
  • Reklus Wyrmbane is now The Great Saboteur



  • In my Arkenstone group, we started Evendim: Dwaling and King’s Crossing
  • On my Gladden Beorning, started Central Gondor
  • Landroval minstrel started V3 Book 6 of the epic story


News Beyond LOTR

Cubicle 7’s Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide Coming to D&D 5E

Questions in the Dark

Pineleaf challenges us this week. 


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  1. Aeraeniel /

    I have a very Pineleafian question. I’ve been thinking of buying a skirmish lately (because after you’ve done Siege at Gondamon four dozen times times it gets a little boring), but I’m not sure which one I should get. I don’t have any of them unlocked but the free ones. Which one do y’all suggest I get?

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