Poems of the Pine: Echoes of the Dead


Pinesong on Stage

Is it possible to deal with the dead?

Book 3 – Echoes of the Dead

The distant dwarf
That dwelt in the comb
Recalled the curse
On cowardly men
That refused to follow
Their fervent vows
To aid Gondor
Against the dark.
As the rangers recalled
The ruinous times
We received some letters
That led us astray.
We followed the leads
Which faltered our steps
For the slightest delay
Was Sauron’s friend.
We had hoped to gain
The help of the dead
Then cure the curse
They carried for years.
Yet the time was not ripe
So they tore through Candaith
To cripple the rangers
As they rode to the south.
We delayed too long
In a land of foes
To Rohan we must ride in haste.
Yet Dunland waits
In the days ahead
To test our talents and will.

Let’s resume our journey. We have had enough delays already.

Pineleaf Needles

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