LOTRO Academy: 130 – LOTRO Cosmetics


LOTRO Academy: 130 - LOTRO Cosmetics

Teriadwyn teaches Branick and Pineleaf all there is to know about the cosmetics systems in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Barnabras /

    I think Terri is dismissing the Lady of the Streams title. Nobody actually likes the hobby, but because she is streaming lotro, it would work great as a title.

    I thought this was a Cosmetics episode? What no creep cosmetics? Once again we are forgotten.

    • Teriadwyn /

      Obviously I was saving creep cosmetics for a separate episode! Also, I’m never going to get the Lady of the Streams title, because I just don’t enjoy fishing that much.

  2. Barnabras /

    I vote no more chicken talk. No chicken play, chicken hockey, chicken dance, funky chicken, chicken emote, chicken nuggets, or chicken on a stick. No more chickens! I don’t even want to hear anyone licking their fingers.

    • I’m having roast chicken for dinner in Barnabras honour /chicken cheer

      I might play around with Bigger Dressing room even though I’m pretty happy with the enlarged size on the JRR UIs

      • Lsuman /

        Elyse, I also use the JRR UIs and I think I read somewhere that they have the bigger dressing room plugin/UI built in, so there may not be a difference in the size of the two. However, I’m not 100% sure about this.

  3. Lsuman /

    Great episode! I too love cosmetics and try to collect all that I can. If anyone on Gladden would like to borrow some cosmetics, or is looking for help with cosmetics, send a tell or mail to Lsuman 😎
    I believe that an updated chicken play episode would be awesome, especially if Arathaert was a special guest! Also, the housing changes reminded me of Mysteri, where has she been?

  4. Ludkeg /


  5. Cambrinus of Bree /

    I don’t do cosmetics, but I’ll make an exception when kilts become available…

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