Poll: Will LOTRO Continue After 2017?


Will LOTRO continue after 2017?

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  1. What about “I do not know”

  2. flosiin /

    After the time and resources that they made with the server relocation, server upgrades and game enhancements- think they could go another 5-10 yrs. I think they’ve proven they still have a lot of creativity with the current story and improved summer festival.

  3. Does “Yes, in maintenance mode” mean here that LOTRO will be maintained and expanded furthermore and “Yes” that it will just run without being maintained anymore? — Or does “Yes, in maintenance mode” mean here that only servers will be maintained and “Yes” that it will run “not only in server maintenance mode”? I think LOTRO will be maintained AND expanded after 2017, so what must I click?

    • Andang /

      Maintenance mode means LOTRO will no longer be developed and will only be kept online. ie: no new content.

  4. A better way of doing this question would be “Do you *think* lotro will continue after 2017?”. Or perhaps “How optimistic about LOTRO’s future after 2017?”. I would feel too presumptuous voting for any of those options. An “I don’t know” option is a vague answer because it wouldn’t show if I am optimistic, pessimistic or neutral about it, which I presume is the intent of this poll. But the question needs to be reformulated.

    • joshua /

      no middle term, is Yes or No, in fact, the maintenance mode is a good point too.

      optimistic people has no focus, just desires.

    • Andang /

      I am pretty sure nobody knows for sure. I just want to know what people think they know 😀

    • Andang /

      This is such a divisive issue that I figured a divisive poll was in order.

  5. kaiknunes /

    I think Mordor is coming, some step inside the land of the main enemy.

    Then, i hope a better performance in the coming years, tweaks to remove the constant lag, and some help with the weight, my PC is able to run modern games with total smoothness, but the new regions are showing a constant problem in frame rate, i dont know how.

    Because Sauron is the ultimate raiding, the mother of all raids for lotro.

  6. This would have been a good poll for Magic 8-Ball type answers: Signs say yes, ask again later, it is doubtful, etc.

  7. More confident now than I have been in ages that LOTRO will continue for some time to come 🙂

  8. Yes, lotro will continue because there’s more to it even after the ring is destroyed. That’s all I’m saying after being on the council 2 years ago & having this discussion. Much, much more to visit/see.

  9. John Soper /

    When we look at what Severlin and Cordovan are saying, it would seem that they have every intention of taking this game beyond 2017.

  10. Aradathalion /

    It will go beyond 2017, not withstanding WB just killing it. The difference between this and other games is that the player base is way more loyal. You will need more then a ring to kill this sucker.

  11. Thimbur /

    Cordovan’s just voted “Yes” in the forums. So I guess I’ll do the same here. 🙂

  12. Why only beyond 2017? -.- LOTRO FOREVER!!! =) <3

  13. Haladad /

    I just hope that the game doesn’t end at Mordor. The books don’t end there. There really does need to be a scouring of the Shire.

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