Letters to My brother Pt. 6


Dearest Brother,

To begin with, I am now in Bree.  For reasons I will not say, I am moving there for an indefinite period of time.   As of last, you knew of course that I would go to Bree, but at that time, it was a temporary arrangement.  That is no longer so. Perhaps, given the time and reason—and our meeting—I shall explain.  Do not worry, for father and mother are safe, and excepting your departure, well.  None-the-less, my letters to you shall continue.

Now, I shall return to this subject of runes, because you have.  Now, I didn’t wish to bring this up more than once, but since you did, I shall.  I will spell it out clearly so that you completely understand: when Sauron returns, then I shall take upon myself to train with runes.  Then, and only then shall I work with runes.

Now, I shall tell you of Bree.  There is quite a presence of men there, a presence which I have yet to become used to.  I brought my sword here, because in addition to the pretentious men who stride around the street, there is a fearsome brood called Blackwolds.  I have come into contact with a select few in the streets, and they seem nasty fellow.  I feel my sword-fighting skills may have to come into play at a point.  Still, even though I dislike the non-aggressive stance some of our brothers have taken, I will use discrimination.

I have begun to learn a unique art, that of prospecting.  One would be quite surprised how many large lumps of metal are simply lying around in the strangest places!  I guess you simply have to know what to look for.  In addition to that I have learned tailoring and weapon-smithing.  As one who has never preferred to be quite so close to flames, working with molten metal is not high on my list either.  In the end though, my situation can be wrapped up neatly with those three ever-sagacious words from father: get over it.

I have made the pre-emptive diplomatic decision to begin making allies among the fighters of the town.  I met one in particular, a middle-aged fellow (among Men, of course), by the name of Kelthor, who is willing to teach me better the way of the sword.  I wish, when the time comes, not to be wholly inept with the blade.  I shall not be a victim.

In conclusion, I’ve a short story for you.  It begins with a small feast in Bree that was happening when I came, one closed off to the commoners of course.  Many a guard was posted there, but I became stricken with a unique idea: to enter in among the nobles there, and quietly begin to gain their favour.  Now, before your berate me for my childish wisdom, I would have you know that I had some greater interests at heart.  To ignite trust with those who shall undoubtedly prove powerful allies in the future was what I had in mind.  It was not amiss.

I managed to sneak in with some simple techniques, and meet up with several human nobles.  Most appear corrupt and weak, and perhaps shall serve a certain purpose in the future.  They are open to manipulation, which may be leveraged in the future.

Never forget who I truly am.

Your Brother,


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