LOTRO Players News Episode 159: Lift Up a Tentacle


This week we talk about the conclusion of the Bingo Boffin storyline.

Game News

Update 18.2.1 – Stablemaster Collection Panel

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Bingo Boffin Fully Voiced

Lilikate’s Screen Shots: Too Many Rushes!

The Family Line Part 99

The Family Line Part 100

Critters Journey XL

Poems of the Pine: Ride of the Grey Company





  • Bingo fell into a hole… and went out of sight. Bingo is so deep, he’s almost unfathomable.
  • Went to the top of the world on Zirakzigil, found a fire drake then fell down a well.  Well travelled indeed.



  • Eriador Pest Control Company took care of business in Ered Luin
  • Bingo Boffined it up … and MadeofLions came to watch and told us a secret 😀
  • Bekah and I got our hunters out of Moria! (For the first time…)



  • Saryssa aided and abetted Sugarbear in getting a war-steed, discovered burglars get bubbles.
  • Stealtherina got to level 30, got a trio of burgs to go troll-stomping in the North Downs.
  • Challenge mini reached level 90, Flosiin crafted her a shiny set of brand new gear that took her morale from 7.5k to 13k.



  • Glordriel got both her imbued weapons all topped out to the new maximums
  • Dresedin got his warsteed and is now knocking on level 80 but still isn’t out of Nan Curunir
  • During which I was introduced for the first time to all the quests in the Pit of Iron in the Heathfells–and, thanks, but I’m not homesick for Moria



  • Finished Bingo Boffin on three characters.
  • Reached level 101. Imbued spear & javelin and completed the Western Gondor epic.
  • On Arkenstone, we finished up the Lone Lands


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Last Goodbye – Peter Hollens

Questions in the Dark

Pineleaf presents a tough character to discover.


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Featured Comments

Louni left a comment on last week’s LOTRO Players News:

Great show again, as always! During the New Player Question, I was also thinking…(and I think it was Big Ed that mentioned the featured instance) If you really want the best bang for the buck as far as Marks and Med. are concerned, go with a instance. There are usually a few groups farming a instance just for that purpose. and while it can be kinda boring repeating a instance over and over again. the marks and Med. rack up really fast. Just thought I would throw that out there. Thanks for the time you all put into this show.

One last note, totally unrelated… I work in a retail store, always have lots of family’s shopping*, other day I hear this sound, I would swear it was Buddha, turned out to be just some 5 year old kid just getting out of control… Gave me a good laugh…


Big Ed Mustafa writes:

“Hi to everyone at LPN,

I just wanted to write you and tell you all how much I enjoyed listening to Episode 158.  It was delightful and informative, and I thought your guest host, Big Ed Mustafa, was hilarious!

Big Ed Mustafa”

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    Now it’s in the right order 😛

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    The Watcher is def a dude. It lives alone, the place is a mess, it stinks. And it is hostile to anyone wearing a ring.

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