Poll: Did You Like the Bingo Boffin Storyline?


Did you like the Bingo Boffin storyline?

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  1. Bellcaunion /

    Yes, but I’m not done with it yet.

  2. Lsuman /

    I chose other because there wasn’t an option for “Did you LOVE the Bingo Boffin storyline?”

  3. I loved the concept of a weekly epic story. The quests were mostly very simple, but that was okay. Just half an hour of fun, following that Hobbit. Hope for a follow up. (Bingo, or whatever… as long as ite’s a weekly epic story).

  4. Hatbox /

    They were super cute and he was a pain and didn’t help fight but I loved him so much and just want to huggle the dear little Hobbit <3 <3

  5. Josh /

    Bilbo Boffin definitely have more adventures, if compared with the trilogy of The Hobbit (films) who leaves Bilbo Baggins in the background.

    I hope see Bilbo Boffin in Minas Tirith, maybe?

  6. srsly how did he get all the way to waymeet without his walking stick?

    /sigh the things i do for him 😛

  7. Phenomenal! More episodic content is always a hit and would, I feel, attract more players.

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