Poems of the Pine: Ride of the Grey Company


Pinesong on Stage

It’s time for us to journey south. Will our journey go smoothly?

Book 2 – Ride of the Grey Company

The Company in Grey
Gathered to journey
South to the forges
Of fallen Hollin.
There a dwarf did make
Duplicate rings
To confuse the foe
Of the company’s goal.
The first friend
They found in Dunland
Was Wadu who wielded
A weapon of old.
But it helped him not
For he was hit from behind
By a hostile clan
That hated the Grey.
In Thrór’s Coomb
We climbed to learn
The why of Wadu’s
Woeful death.
Instead we found
A foggy dwarf
Whose memories were muddled
At Moria’s gate.
We went below
The wintry halls
And found a fallen drake.
Wadu did waste
The wintry drake
With the sword from the realm of Rohan.

I decided that Nár’s little surprise would fit better with the next segment.

Pineleaf Needles

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