LOTRO Players News Episode 158: Teri for Sale


This week we discuss the recent layoffs at Turbine and Update 18.2.

Game News

Update 18.2 Released

Turbine Hit With Another Round of Layoffs

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week July 8th – 14th

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  • Milestone Skills
  • Hurried, Returning and Expedient Traveller
  • Riding Traits
  • Simple Rally Horn


LOTRO Players News

LOTRO Expansions Giveaway

LOTRO Steely Dawn Starter Pack Giveaway

Poll: Which System Most Needs A Revamp?

Community Events: July 8th-14th

Memorial Event for Tinki

Answer the Call of the Harnkegger!

Small LOTRO Adventures – Episode 59: Bingo’s Loyal Friends

The Family Line Part 98

Critters Journey Part 31

Poems of the Pine: Oath of the Rangers


New Player Question

If I want to maximize marks/medallions in a skirmish, am I better off raising the level of the skirm and staying at Tier 1, or go to a Tier 2 and keep it on level (raising level AND going Tier 2 is not part of the questions)?




  • Top o’ the Moria to ya! More fun and games on my F2P account, this time in Durin’s Way
  • Really disappointed at Elrond’s landscape crew, they’ve really let Rivendale go wild. Bushes, shrubs, even a tree is growing through a bridge now.  Tacky…
  • Pro Tip: Avoid “I’ve totally done this quest before” assumptions.  Ran all over Stangard looking for the door that was directly behind the quest giver.  -_-


Big Ed Mustafa

  • Lots of retro deeding on Mnemone the Hunter
  • LilEdMustafa made Trout Master and Master Angler,mailed 8 stalks of rhubarb to Allupbaba
  • Thought my champion Galandrial was finally kindred with Minas Tirith again, then found out I only made it back to Ally and I still need 70,000 more rep.



  • Mourned the still-broken guard bleeds
  • Mostly Sammath Gul runs
  • (Mostly) finished my Guard’s tanking armour!



  • Saryssa the burglar got her war-steed! She also finished up the Stangard storyline.
  • Skirmished irresponsibly with Teriadwyn and had a pair of Wretched Falconers wreck my plans for a speedy run through Tuckborough.
  • Spent some time playing LOTRO paper dolls to get ready for tomorrow’s Grrlz stream.



  • Glordriel has returned to MT to do the dailies so that she can top off her imbued weapons
  • She is also doing epic battles for star lit crystals, right now focusing on mastering first MT EB
  • Baby champ Fablus has a new lady love, a lady dwarf guardian named Cuddili Bear. They ran through the Barrow Downs together and he is totally smitten. She calls him her boy toy.



  • Brandy warden attempted Helm’s Dike and decided to head to Volume 4
  • My Beorning met a man named Jajax
  • Ran numerous skirmishes – had three Star-lit Crystals waiting for the update.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Return of the King Trailer

Questions in the Dark

A pretty epic Questions in the Dark this week.


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  1. Barnabras /

    Drac hasn’t been on Academy because he finally got the red skeleton steed, and has been joy riding through out Middle Earth for weeks.

  2. Louni /

    Great show again, as always! During the New Player Question, I was also thinking…(and I think it was Big Ed that mentioned the featured instance) If you really want the best bang for the buck as far as Marks and Med. are concerned, go with a instance. There are usually a few groups farming a instance just for that purpose. and while it can be kinda boring repeating a instance over and over again. the marks and Med. rack up really fast. Just thought I would throw that out there. Thanks for the time you all put into this show.

    One last note, totally unrelated… I work in a retail store, always have lots of family’s shopping, other day I hear this sound, I would swear it was Buda, turned out to be just some 5 year old kid just getting out of control… Gave me a good laugh…

  3. Teri Ruxpin???

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