Lilikate’s Screen Shots: Too Many Rushes!


Dear Players,

This screen shot comes with a little angry commentary. I recently travelled back to the Frogmoors to sit in solace and think, surrounded in the beauty of the Lilys on the water, listening to the croaking of the small frogs.

Here is what I had in mind:


However when I got there I found something completly different. I am sorry to be a moaning minny but this is just horrendous, really I know the folks at turbine are having it rough at the moment but that is no reason to make my game worse.

Lily Gone

Please reverse this and stop detracting from the beautiful aspects of playing LOTRO, don’t let the babies get hold of the marker pens, for they are likely to scribble! One or two clumps of rushes would have been nice but this is just silly.


I have tried playing with my graphics settings but what ever I do my Lily’s don’t return.

I am a sad Hobbbit today.







  1. Anor /

    It’s a matter of scale, there is not bad in bring more grass and life to the landscape, the problem is the size of the shapes. If there is any chance of revamp, this is a good first step, just need tweaks.

    by the way, is helping to reduce the block forms in some old landscapes, like the Shire.

    is not a mandatory feature, if you dont like, turn off.

    • My point was, they took the Lily’s out and smeared rushes in all over the place without any thought as to the asthetic of the area at all, and the rushes do not turn off. I tried. I would prefer a few new clumps of rushes if I must have them and put the Lily pads and flowers back. Frogmorton should have lilypads, no?

      • Anor /

        I think is the new look for the swamps areas, close to secluded small lakes too. The dry river in Eregion, a path around the landscape, have the same vegetation.

        But if this is not part of the new feature, sorry the rush with the argument.

  2. Whatever the reason is, I agree with Lily, it looks worse than before.

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