Poll: Which Zone Most Needs A Revamp?


Which zone most needs a revamp?

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  1. Barnabras /

    I would have voted for Wildermore, but in the words of Myst, “they should Nuke the whole zone.”

  2. Bellcaunion /

    I said Trollshaws because I feel that Rivendell needs a bit of a revamp.

  3. What would be in the ‘other’ category? Frostbluff?

  4. I said Enedwaith because the epic quest line is completely separate from the landscape quests.

  5. I agree with people that Angmar, Nowadays many fs quests in this area are not played cause it is rally hard to find fs on that level. If anyone do this quests it is probably usually with help of some 100-105 toon.

    But I voted Far Anorien. It is terrible.

    But honestly, I doubt we will see any revamps in the future. And I am afraid that new regions will be as badly designed in terms of quests flow and quality as Far Anorien. Seems Turbine has no manpower to do decent regions anymore.

    • Southy /

      Angmar is very easy and I’ve run over 20 toons through there that were on the level or within a couple levels of on the level. There are more I think fellowship quests there however than almost any other area.

      The biggest problem why you seldom see anyone there is because the game itself has evolved so much. There is little reason to quest in Angmar unless you just choose to do so. Players have so many different alternatives as ways to level. They can also gain xp from crafting or bypass levels by buying instant leveling packages (to 50 or 95). All of those decisions by Turbine have consequences that the vast majority of players didn’t realize. Even the legendary class items can be easily and cheaply obtained from the skirm vendors. Seldom will anyone who is not a member of a large kin, or not on their very first toon havfe any reason to travel to Angmar. It isn’t the region needing a revamp, it is the evolution of the game that has caused this.

      Just my opinion.

      • Are you trying to tell me that you solo Angmar fellowship quests while being on level and they are easy?

  6. Evin /

    Hands off the Shire! The only thing it needs is to remove that mess in the middle of MD.

    • Bellcaunion /

      I must agree. I would like the mess in MD removed as well.

    • Tersol /

      Yes I would like the mess moved to somewhere like Needlehole

  7. Brandondano /

    Not sure what the hate over Angmar is about… I mean, I suppose if nothing else it DOES have way too many fellowship quests which can be hard to find groups for (still, not too hard to find a group) but I liked it well enough…

  8. Mubhappy /

    Angmar is in the lead? With “I blinked and I missed it!” Central Gondor in the game? Huhn.

  9. Tersol /

    Central Gondor because I would like a road linking Dor-En-Ernil to the Havens of Belfalas.

  10. Runulf Warghammer /

    I vote Ered Luin, i think that Thorin’s Halls as one of the big HUB of the game needs a revamp like the one made in Bree years ago.

  11. Zimzeebo /

    Angmar still plays like it’s endgame but it isn’t. I’m not sure this could be “fixed” though without removing content and that’s usually not a good thing.

  12. Gorbeth /

    North Downs – Ugly terrain, ugly shapes and no smoothness. The border with Angmar, we need a better composition between the height map and models of rocks, better textures too, better distribution of creatures. Fields of Fornost, the trees are the worst models in the game, not help to pass any idea for the region, ugly low poly.

    Myst Mountain – The giant halls is uninspired, no sense of culture for the giants, the terrain with the cubic corridors and “stone garages”, the houses, is ugly and poor, everything is random. Great part of the ice structures, rocks and textures need a refresh. The mountain of the goblin town is like a pile of platforms, no chance of more rocks and details?

    Angmar: The terrain is very ugly, not because it’s Angmar, but is like a height map with peaks of one vertice. The distribution of monsters around Barad Gularan, has to show some placement, like with the orcs in north downs, a sense of enemy camp.

    Ered Luin: The terrain, like the majority in Eriador, need a improvement.

    Lotro is very open world, is a great feel start the traveling in Bree and see how the regions keep coming, almost no loading. There is an amazing space for exploration, to see ruins, landscapes and how creatures are distributed.

    Is the most immersive MMO in my opinion, especially because is less cartoonish.

  13. I don’t much like their recent attempts at revamping so voted Other – Meaning leave it alone as I fear the updates will make the areas look like the Frogmoors in The Shire and Rivendell.

  14. Southy /

    I think that the vast majority of areas are well done, or at least well done enough to be enjoyable within their own context. The only area that i absolutely despise is Lothlorien. In fact the only reason I quest their any is a handful of epics and to gain enough rep to get the interior city stable (which is an important hub).

  15. My favorite comment so far for this came from Facebook: “Mordor, because it’s going to be on iPhone” 😀

  16. Dingo /

    I hope see more tweaks for the visuals, but, the game need a definitive fix for the lag, the new regions and raids, some of years ago, still with a ton of performance problems.

  17. Do Burglars count as a ‘zone’? 🙂

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