Poems of the Pine: Oath of the Rangers


Pinesong on Stage

We start out Volume 3 with a letter from Elrond.

Book 1 – Oath of the Rangers

We learned of a letter
From Lorien Gold
That arrived in the valley
Of Rivendell fair.
To Rohan the rangers
Must reach in time
To aid their chief
In the challenges ahead.
They sent us to search
The several lands
Of Eriador to find
The friends of the west.
We cleared the Trollshaws
Of trespassing orcs
Then walked the wilds
Of the Weather hills.
We bested the brigands
In Bree and the Shire,
And saved the sunken
city of the kings.
Then up to the Downs
And through driving cold
Til we found the fumaroles
Of the fiery Rift.
We called the Rangers
To Rivendell Valley
To assemble for a southbound quest.
The Company of Grey
Must come to the lands
Of Rohan where riders do dwell.

We made they call. Will they really answer?

Pineleaf Needles

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