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Dear LOTRO Players,

With a sad heart I have to pass on the news that LOTRO has lost another fine player. Tinki has left Middle-Earth, she sails over the western seas to the Undying Lands.

I first met Tinki and cousin Pipsi in my early days as a member of The Lonely Mountain Band, we LOTRO’d as a group of role-players experiencing The Shire content while remaining in character. Since then the legend of the “Yellow Coated Vendor” has grown and grown. Most famous in her role as Lead Vendor at Weatherstock over many years.

Tinki was good enough to pose for the Lothlorien edition of “Where’s Tinki?” Always a hobbit to bring cheer to any occasion.

I wish to share a snippit of the news posted by Kira on the forums announcing a memorial event in honour of Tinki:

Tinki Memorial:

The most cheerful and honorable player among us has sailed into the West.

Please join us for a memorial celebrating the life, music, and vending tradition of Tinki, finest of hobbits,
this Sunday, 10th July at 4:00pm EDT (Landroval servertime, USA eastern daylight, GMT/UTC-4).
Meet at the Bree-land Festival Grounds main stage.

We will share music, memories, and comfort. Following the concert, we will open the stage for guests to say a few words.
Finally, we will ride on a white horse procession to Dol Dinen where we will bash many an orc with frying pans, pitch forks, rolling pins, and all manner of creative implements.
Feel free to wear traditional “Tinki yellow”.

Please feel free to reply to this thread with fun screenshots and positive stories about your adventures with Tinki.

I would like to add on this post a special edition of “Where’s Tinki?” as an act of rememberance, I know she would be chuckling as we all struggle to locate “the challenge” Tinki. (Click the images to enlarge the screenshots).

Where’s Tinki – Minas Tirith





The Challenge





  1. I never had the pleasure in meeting her. But I do know her from ‘Where’s Tinki’ Condolences to everybody that knew her.

  2. Thank you so much, especially for the final picture of Tinki as a light in dark places.

  3. Very sorry to hear of Tinki’s passing, condolences.

  4. Wilros /

    Thanks Tinki for all of these fun challenges, you will be missed by many!

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