LOTRO Players News Episode 157: Stupid Human


This week we cover Update 18.2 news.

Game News

Player Feedback Delays Update 18.2

Update 18.2 to Release July 5th

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Free Sample Of The Week July 1st – 7th

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LOTRO Players News

LOTRO Expansions Giveaway

Community Events: July 1st-7th

The Weatherstock Concert Series: 1st, 2nd & 3rd July

Hobnanigans Chicken League – July Tournaments

LOTRO Academy: After School – Episode 6

An Irreverent LOTRO-Player Psychological Profile

Down with Bears

The Family Line Part 97

Letters to my Brother Pt. 5

Critters Journey Part 30

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate





  • Got my warden’s first LIs & tricked ‘em out with tier 7 relics 😀



  • Had a blast playing Lotro this week.  Elrond is getting tired of the Beardkissers doing backflips off of his bridges though.



  • Did some late-night streaming of Saryssa going through the Fords of Isen and then starting the Great River region.



  • Aredhin the RK FINALLY got kindred with Theodred’s Riders so she has now sped through the Great River epic and is oeher way to catch up to her level (82)



  • Landroval Lore-master finally finished Vol 1 Book 2 to unlock LM pets.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: Song of The Lonely Mountain


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Aradathalion wrote last week:

LNP Crew,

Great show last week. Thanks to Karv and Branick for bringing about the best app of the century with the Pineleaf Countdown.

I had two questions for you. First, when and why do you use stealth skills? I am in the lower levels and the only time I have used it was when I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to fight anything. Any other time I use it it lasts like 30 seconds before I am spotted. Any advice?

Second question. Why do you think that Elves have a one handed sword bonus as a passive weapon boost race trait? It seems kind of redundant for a passive because if I wanted a sword bonus I would play a race of man character because their sword bonus is better and more comprehensive. Also you have to kill 100 drakes to get it and by the time you find that many (unless you want to grind Gondamin) the bonus just isn’t worth it compared to the relative ease it takes to earn the race of man’s. To me it makes more sense to give elves a spear boost for a few reasons. First, no other race has one while both men and elves have a sword damage bonus. Second, it makes classes with elves more flexible and unique. What I am saying is, I know it takes resources and testing to add something or change it so I am not expecting a change. However, a spear damage bonus on an elf makes more sense to me than a sword.

Thanks for such a great show!

Aradathalion Woodstalker L29 Warden Arkenstone

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  1. There doesn’t appear to be a link to download the podcast, or for that matter to play it in a new window.

    • Andang /

      I am still working on getting the podcast version out. I hope to have it done later today. 🙂

    • Andang /

      Updated with the audio version. Should go out to iTunes and other feeds soon.

  2. Ok, thanks 🙂

  3. Tomeoric /

    WCS is more than just one weekend. Check the LMB or Lotro Artists for the full schedule. There are plenty of bands and music left.

    Please also don’t refer to hobnanigans as “chicken hockey”. There is very little about that mini game that hockey-like. Hockey takes skill and is an actual sport… All the mini game takes is your alt accounts running AFK…

  4. Lsuman /

    Where was the twenty questions/guess who I am game this week? I really like that segment.

    • Andang /

      Twenty questions is on non-Tales of the Free Folk weeks. We were going to do TTFF but all the tech issues caused it to be delayed but we never re-instated that segment for that week. TTFF will return on July 30th.

      We should have the twenty questions segment again on tonight’s show.

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