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Which system most needs a revamp?

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  1. As long as their idea of revamping the LI system doesn’t involve 200+ more empowerment scrolls /shudders

    I’m curious what the other voters think is needed.

  2. pjean62@gmail.com /

    crafting does not need a revamp so much as just completing the last tier with crafted NON slotted items and other useful Tier 10 items.

  3. Bellcaunion /

    I point to the huge Kinship revamp thread in the lotro forums.

  4. Baldigar /

    I voted crafting because it’s largely unneeded anymore aside from essences, and it’s, in my opinion, not as streamlined as I would like it to be. For me, I would love to see the following with a crafting revamp:

    -either from-vault/bank use of crafting materials or a true crafting inventory. for pretty much a perfect execution of this, look at ESO’s new Craft Bag. it’s only for VIP, so that could be a great way for them to encourage VIP. but they need to make crafting more useful in general along with that.
    -remove common recipes, keep only a few recipes for very specific things. otherwise, use a modular type of crafting where you simply pick the product you want (such as a chestplate), and then can modify the level by picking the materials, and pick stats using other resources. this, again, would largely work like ESO. but because of this game’s wardrobe/cosmetic system, they don’t really need to have styles, they can just base the style of an item based on the level/tier/material.
    -add daily/weekly crafting quests to do to give rare or unique rewards.
    -I would suggest they also have an upgrading mechanic to increase the quality (or level) of items, but I don’t think that would really work in this game, especially since it wasn’t made with that in mind.
    -let us unlock recipes for creating items with certain set bonuses, but you would need an item from an instance or associated task to create use that set bonus.

    Also, I guess I would really like to see dimension-esque (like Rift) houses as opposed to just in neighborhoods.

    And an account-wide “skin” collection, that lets us collect and use any cosmetic skin in the game. There could be a cost from using a skin from the collection panel as opposed to using an item directly.

    Also, it wasn’t an option, but I would just like to see a completely new itemization system for the whole game.

    • Southy /

      While crafting may not be needed as much at max level there is most certainly need for it while leveling up. Quite a number of players enjoy the crafting more than the grind at max level.

  5. Evin /


  6. Aradathalion /

    I voted other because of several combined. I think epic battles need a redo, reputation rewards need to be updated a little, the need to unbreak IOF, and the burg seriously needs a fix. And LI’s need to be streamlined.

  7. cardolen /

    scale non scaling instances ( isengard most of all)

  8. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Kinship revamp would be epic idd 😉

  9. Impossible to choose one so I voted other.

    Crafting is barely useful now and it still needs more streamlining, It spams vaults, chests and bags with huge amounts of materials.

    Housing – we have too few hooks, also they are not elastic enough, I would prefer to have more options to custom hooks (like to be able to place four small objects instead one huge in one place), would be also great to be able to have at least one house per race, so dwarf wouldnt live in elf house or the other way

    LI – it was always system that was builed much too huge and complicated, managing LI items, reforging them and so on takes too much time, bring inbued weapons to lower levels

    Mounted Combat – more skills needed, it looks like unfinished idea, also in open areas in Rohan and Gondor, where we war steed enemies should be less numerous or dispersed in different way then now. At this moment almost every manoeuvre.aggroes additional enemies. Give more space on fields to make warsteed fights less tedious.

    Also we have too many items in loot which spam our bags, we spend too much time managing all this junk in our bags. Many items could be removed, some junk small reputation items, all this different rusted tools and other things in Moria, crafting recipes could just autolearn instead being an objects and so on.

  10. Do Burglars count as a ‘system’? 🙂

  11. Triski /

    I voted traits/skills. Locking trait points behind the on-the-rails story questing in Rohan and especially Helm’s Deep killed the game for me. All of my alts give up once they get to Edoras. Give us alternate means of getting trait points to keep the game fresh instead of making us slog through the exact same old stuff on each character.

  12. I voted other as I think the class balance is the top priority

  13. Half of the things listed could become obsolete if Turbine don’t look into them soon. Personally, hoping for PvMP and housing/kinships but with Lotro, one aspect is pretty much related to another. Can’t look into one thing without looking into another first. Wait and see I guess.

  14. Southy /

    The weakest area of the game from the options listed is hobby/fishing. There are no other hobbies beside fishing at all. While everything else listed may have some needs of improvement in some opinions, or debatedly may be quite satisfactory in other views there is absolutely no doubt that having fishing as the only hobby leaves significant room for improvement.

    With that said I seriously doubt it is a priority.

  15. Agree with Triski, Need more Options to earn CTP’s for the altaholics so we don’t get burnout on the same material running it 5, 6 7+ times. The game is great about providing OPTIONS for levelling in almost all other areas, so why constrain progression this way? Besides that, I think Kinship revamp might have the most impact with player engagement.
    I think we are too far down the LI road to have it reshaped at this point with too much invested in itemization to drive it. They have used it to give us something to do/grind for and I think have no idea what they could replace it with from a loot perspective that would be meaningful and drive gameplay.

    • Teriadwyn /

      “5, 6, 7+ times…”

      56 characters (and counting). I cannot agree enough.

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