Letters to my Brother Pt. 5


Dear Brother,

As far as home and my departure are concerned there are no comparisons to Avorthal but enough of my departure. Yes, my mother is as skilled a minstrel as father is a champion so I hope his recovery will be swift. Senrathalion says he enjoyed working with you during your stay in Mirkwood but to keep practicing, as you will need it. At that time he says, Malelthalion was spending time in Thranduil’s court as a bodyguard of the king.

Burning your eyebrows off. Oh yes! I nearly forgot I laughed for days after that. Maybe you should try ice or perhaps lightening to get more… shocking results. Regardless I still think runes is the path for you.

We reached Duillond nearly a fortnight ago and we were immediately given tasks. Another goblin war leader and his horde had taken one of our old fortresses, Dol Rinquest. This one was named Glorfimbul and if it is possible I think he smelled worse then Pampraush. But I am getting ahead of myself. The ruler of Duillond, Penglir, gave us the tasks of purifying the ruins to fend off the goblins.

While we were there, we found a cairn of stones with an old sword sitting upon it. It appeared recently unearthed. After we purified the ruins we returned the sword to Penglir and found that it was the sword of one of his trainees who I now our diplomat in Gondamin. He told us that after he had lost it his trainee didn’t feel worthy enough to continue training and took a different path. Penglir reforged that sword and told us to give it to his trainee, as it was his sword by right. Next we helped the grocer and craftsmen re-supply their stores.

After we had helped Duillond as much as possible we were sent to Thrasi’s lodge. We traveled with much haste because there were reports of attacks by dwarfs upon Elves and Elven outposts. When we arrived we talked with Thrasi and the ranger Langlas and received several tasks to earn their trust. We also returned the sword to Celairant with his friends best wishes. First we helped Thrasi rehabilitate a cougar he had found and returned the cougar’s cub to him.

When we earned his trust we were sent to spy upon the once abandoned ruins of Kheledul on the river Lhun. We met two other dwarfs who had been spying on the fort and found shocking news. Yes, there had been dwarf attacks, but they were not Longbeards they were Dourhands. Yes, the foul dwarfs of Skorgrim’s breed have reared their ugly heads again and caused all sorts of mischief. Not only have they allied themselves with goblins they also have awoken great evil north of Gondamin with their tampering and appear to have taken the Prince. We must reach Gondamin and find if we can seek any aid.

As I finish my letter Carvador has been raising such a ruckus about dwarfs that he has stirred all of Celondim into a state of near war. Rumors have been falling as quickly as the first snow and nearly as deep.  I fear that if something is not done soon that there will be war between our races, a wrongful war that needs to be stopped. This dispatch will reach you after we arrive at Gondamin but I might be to busy sorting out a war to write to you.

Your Brother,

Aradathalion Woodstalker

P.S. Be careful in Bree I heard they play rough there. Also congratulations on being able to get out of the house after I left. I hope your winter is better then mine. I look forward to spring.

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