Down with Bears


Tired of big bear butt’s in your face while trying to fight?

Beorning back side

Tired of getting Mauled in the ‘Moors?

Tired of leaves flying in your face every time that darn Beorning changes into a bear…now man…now bear…man..bear…ahhhh!!!!

Beorning transforming

Then stop down at Teriadwyn’s “Down with Bears Support Center.”

Down with Bears


We’ll help you get all that sticky honey out of your gear.

We’ll lead those bees back to Grimbeorn.

Listen to Chef Vrarz’s pan seared cooking sessions to get your mind of Beornings.

Located just down the street from Lalia’s Market.


A big shout out to Zygnor for the awesome store front picture! Thanks Zygnor!


  1. Teriadwyn /

    #downwithbears! I support this message 1000%!

  2. Aradathalion /

    So if werewolves are allergic to silver what are werebears… oops. I mean beornings metal allergy? gold? mithril? travel rations?

  3. I approve!

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