LOTRO Players News Episode 156: Gléoweenies


This week we talk about Update 18.2 and introduce a new segment.

Game News

Update 18.2 Set To Release June 28th

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LOTRO Players News

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Shirefest: June 24th-26th

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  • Enjoyed seeing Bingo’s character development this week
  • Confirmed Gléowine used to be called Gléowine by Théoden King himself
    • (and everyone else)



  • Roleplay character started a pest control company
  • Lots of streaming… and that’s pretty much it 😛 My warden is level 45 and in the process of getting his LIs.



  • Had the best run ever of the Oatbarton In Their Absence quest. I was the tank on my captain, with two minstrels, and we only had one wipe!
  • Ran the Stoneheight instance in Mythgard Adventures, also with my cappy. I may have to rename him Sir Tankypants.
  • Took my long-neglected 103 LM back to Rohan to catch up on crafting tiers, way too frustrating to run around Gondor and not be able to pick up any mats!



  • Totally burg-healed the Stoneheight instance with Mythgard Adventures, only had one wipe at the first pull.
  • Saryssa has finally gotten to level 75, ran through the Isengard guest questline on stream and experienced the fulfillment of Galadriel’s prophecy.
  • Got lost with the Grrlz of Middle-earth in the Spring Festival maze, fortunately Maven kept saving me from myself.



  • Ran the early Lone Lands quests with one of of the newer members of the kin.
  • My burglar on Brandywine helped to protect some mushrooms.
  • Reached level 100 on my video Beorning.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Silmarillion Final Trailer

Questions in the Dark


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  1. Barnabras /

    I think Pineleaf needs echo when he reads a poem. I think it would pin the epic meter.
    As for the new segment, maybe you could call it tween questions. A take off of the hobbit teenager and 20.

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