Update 18.2 Set To Release June 28th


Update: Update 18.2 has been delayed due to player feedback.

During his weekly stream, Frelorn announced Update 18.2 will be releasing on June 28th.

“Barring any issues or unforeseen surprises, on Tuesday the 28th of June …. we will be launching Update 18.2.” – source

This news lines up with Frelorn’s earlier statement in which he said Update 18.2 was internally planned to release by the end of June.

Update 18.2 will be bringing a new raid to LOTRO as well as a few quality of life changes.

This week Turbine also teased images of two more raid bosses and released a Dev Diary for the new raid.

Raid Boss


Raid Boss 2



  1. Aradathalion /

    So hopefully they will have a fix for inn of the forsaken soon. It is really broken. Maybe they will put that with the burglar fix that needs to happen… Lol.

  2. Inn of the Forsaken will be replaced by Stoneheight…

  3. Dave /

    Its still broken thou…

  4. From Frelorn on the Lotro Forums “Based on direct player feedback, we are delaying the launch of Update 18.2 while we address some issues found with our upcoming raid. The new launch date will be announced as soon as we have resolved these issues.”


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