Shirefest: June 24th-26th


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The Shirefest music festival is returning to the Crickhollow server this weekend, June 24th-26th.  The third edition of Crickhollow’s biggest event moves out to the pillars south of Scary in the Shire.  Bands will set up under the pillar at approximately 28.3S 66.3W and the crowd will gather at the field in front.  Captains will be on hand throughout the weekend to summon the crowd to the field.  Simply call out for assistance on the custom chat channel: type in “/joinchannel event” (minus the quotation marks) and find the channel number by typing /listchannels.  Use the corresponding /1 /2 /3 or /4 to ask for a free ride.

We will welcome 28 bands from 6 different servers, but there is an emphasis on bands from Crickhollow’s burgeoning music scene.  Visitors are expected from every server because it only takes a half an hour to get through the intro.  We endeavor to make it worth the trouble by presenting a wide variety of musical styles, tales, and visual experiences.

Everyone is welcome to share their own music or stories at special editions of our two weekly events, Bread & Jam and Elevenses.  Bread & Jam takes place on Friday at 9pm EDT at the Scary town square.  Sunday Elevenses will move out to the Plough & Stars in Brockenborings at 11am.  Bread & Jam is found at the Prancing Pony in Bree-town every other week.  Sunday 11am Elevenses and Monday 11pm Elevenses are usually at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving (that will remain the location on Monday).  We hope our crowd will continue to come for these popular events after Shirefest ends.

Here’s the schedule of events for the weekend.  We hope you’ll find some time to drop in, but you may find it hard to pull yourself away.

2:00 PM Belle Tones
3:00 PM The Ninny Hammers
4:00 PM Traveling Bilberries
5:00 PM A Rock & A Hard Place
6:00 PM Mardi Gras Party Band
7:00 PM The Lollipops
8:00 PM Michel Delving Bunny Watch
10:00 PM BREAD & JAM
11:00 PM BREAD & JAM
12:00 PM Breakfast Club
1:00 PM Little Wanderers
2:00 PM Mystic Knights
3:00 PM Remediators
4:00 PM Skarn
5:00 PM Die Bunten Vögel
6:00 PM Firebrands
7:00 PM Firefoot Bluegrass Band
8:00 PM Lag Spike
9:00 PM Dance Flora
10:00 PM DisEnchanted
11:00 PM No Whole Bard
12:00 PM The Aleford Band
1:00 PM Les Chantefables
2:00 PM Struck by Moonlight
3:00 PM Andune Ensemble
4:00 PM Brandywine & Biscuits
5:00 PM Harlequins
6:00 PM Dulcet Tones
7:00 PM Misty Mountain Hobs
8:00 PM Fraggle Rock

























For more info please visit the Crickhollow Music website or follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the festival.


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