[SPOILERS] The Grey Company Part 2: The Fate of the Company



You have beeen warned.


Reviewing the fates of the Rangers described in the last post, we can see the current status of the Grey Company as follow


  • 5 Rangers perished on the Forsaken Road, most notably Candaith
  • 27 Rangers perished in Túr Morva at the hands of the Falcon Clan, most notably Braigar as well as almost the entire red-shirted Harndirion Skirmish Camp
  • 1 Ranger perished in Gravenwood (Andreg)
  • 2/3 Rangers perished on the Pelennor Fields. These are Golodir, Halbarad and, depending on the player’s choice, Halros. Likely there are more that will be revealed to have perished during the battle, but at the moment we only know these few


  • 8 Members of the Company are alive after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Once again, we don’t have all the information yet. I am counting Elladan and Elrohir as well as Aragorn himself.
  • 1 Ranger returned to Eriador. This is Saeradan.


  • 1 MIA: Poor Amarion is still missing after a mission to Isengard
  • 9 were last seen in Pelargir, but not after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields
  • 11 were last seen in Dunland or Enedwaith but are known not to have perished at Túr Morva

How many did Aragorn meet?

  • The books say that Aragorn met 30 Rangers. Counting 11 uncertain Rangers who survived Túr Morva, 9 who were alive in Pelargir, the 8 known to be alive currently, the 2/3 that made it to Pelennor but died there and subtracting Aragorn himself, we get 29/30 Rangers who meet Aragorn, depending on Halros. If we assume that Amarion made it back to the company that makes 30/31. So we can safely assume the 11 uncertains made it at least into Gondor.

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