Letters to my Brother Pt. 3


Dear Brother,

The tidings of home bring me great joy though it may seem bizarre considering the strife I caused you. Now I wish I could come home and face that but that will be impossible. I can only bid you foul tidings and dark news.

When I arrived in Celondim there was trouble stirring; a fortnight before I arrived Prince Avorthal had gone missing. It was thought that he had been on an adventure or toiling over some other task. Carvador, his father organized search team. However, their search was hindered by goblins. These goblins have resided in the mountains for years but now as evil stirs they have become bolder and have invaded several once safe locations. They even have seized a grove above the harbor where Avorthal was known to frequent.

That was two weeks ago. Now we have to fear the worst. After training for some time with Drambin I was sent to aid the watch post at the grove with several other warriors and trainees. In addition to helping with various tasks that the goblins had halted with their invasion, we searched for the missing prince. To my great displeasure I found his pack in a copse of trees. Several dead goblins and wolves surrounded it and the grove shows sings of great struggle.

I returned the pack and informed his father, Carvador, of the misfortune. I was sent out with two other sturdy trainees. It turns out they are cousins of ours through fathers side of the family. They are twins. Senrathalion, the more vocal of the two, is training to be a champion. He shows great skill with blades and wit alike. His brother Malelthalion is a talented hunter and while he seems slow he is merely deliberate and possesses great wisdom. They have become my constant traveling companions.

Returning to my story, we were sent to Limael’s Vinyard where our intelligence indicated one of their commanders has set up his headquarters. We spent some time there thinning the enemy’s numbers and gathering more information. Finally we struck. In the night we attacked and rampaged through the camp. We fought our way to the back and found their general, a foul fellow named Pampraush. He was very large for a goblin and stood nearly as tall as a man but smelled fouler than a rotting wolf carcass in summer. He and his bodyguards picked a fight so we were forced to slay them. Together we bested them and I struck the final blow to Pampraush with my spear. As Pampraush passed he confirmed that the goblins had taken Avorthal.

That left me with questions. What happened to Avorthal? Is he still living or has he been slain by overwhelming numbers of goblins? How strong are the goblins? They seem to have quite a presence and have waylaid any messengers who try to travel beyond Duillond. Yet, the greatest question that comes to mind is this. What greater power has compelled the goblins to be this bold? They have never been overly well organized or equipped and mainly minded their own business. Now they are organized, working together (to some extent), well equipped, and have brought ravening wolves and foul crebain out of the mountains.

We are being sent to Duillond to help reinforce the town and open channels of communication to Thorin’s Hall. We have not heard any news from our diplomats there in nearly a month. We fear they are either under siege or have fallen entirely and we are too late to aid them. We are preparing for war against the goblins and may have no allies. Also it was decided that my party will continue our training on the road. While we are in Ered Luin we will talk to our trainers but as we travel we will talk to their counterparts in other towns.

Let me shortly address the home front. I am sorry for the discord I caused at home but I think it is better this way. It saves many wasted evenings of debate and damage to our family. I am glad the crops are doing well but farming was never my strong suit. Take care against the wolves because they are vicious. I wonder what will be happening come spring, it would be good to see you. Half-brother, on another note let me tell you this; stay away from swordplay. Dullathaen, you have more skill than I, but it is not your strong suit. What of your seemingly untapped talent with runes? Were you not fairly adept at using them? Maybe you should practice harnessing it? I think your beginners’ set is in the garret. Wolves are great target practice.

In conclusion, I hope you are doing well. Spring is some time away so I will ponder returning once things have settled. There is a Ranger not too far from Duillond. Perhaps he can lend some wise council. Rangers have always been sound in reason, great in knowledge, and willing to help. Maybe he will have an idea or news of what happened to Avorthal.

Your brother,

Aradathalion Woodstalker

P.S. I took your advice to keep busy. I apprenticed myself to an armsman and I am trained in making weapons and the like. It keeps me busy, gives a little extra money, and helps keep me strong.

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